Short Movie Roundup 27 December 2020

We made it to the end of 2020, well nearly, I still have a few bingo slots open Doomsday Androids from the future and Dream Demons, did anyone have Storm Bella on theirs?

So this is going to be the last round up but I will be posting my top films of 2020 shortly.

I was contacted back in August and asked to check out some short movies, , sadly this was a time when I couldn’t dedicate much time to the shorts and took breaks due to all the crazy covid hours I was working. Either way, two of the peeps were quite rude and never gave me much more than a copy and paste set of directions, two others were a bit more human. Sadly one of the shorts isn’t visible online so I couldn’t really review it and share it with all of you. luckily they understood this and we wished each other the best, but the cream of the crop chased me up a couple of weeks ago and I do apologise, that it’s taken me so long but I’ve found a gap in services and it’s my pleasure to squeeze YourHorrorShow ( into my 2020 findings of the year.

Welcome to the Horror Show Teaser

Well we all know how much I love men in masks!! Instant Fan Girl moment *faints* I love the set up, it looks like a Robert Kurtzman, a touch of Tales from the Crypt with some Sideshow mystery, and he built this for us *faints again*


Ep 01

Ep 02

Ep 03

Ep 04

Ep 05

What a delight this mini series is, a creepy tale surrounding an uber driver who made a terrible choice and has to face it. The amount of cool actors and resources this project has is outstanding. I love the acting, writing and general feel of this fly on the wall take on a pretty dark chapter in the lives of all involved. Not only does this story creep out it’s viewer, it also highlights a very big problem of people not stepping up to protect those around them, but what would you do in this situation?

Full Moon

It seems the channel does Campfire Tales and this is Episode 1 all about furry ‘owling things and gypsies, something very close to my heart and it seems there are tons of scary stories to choose from.

Sleep Talker

Back to one of my other favourite short movie teams, Social House Films created by Aaron Fradkin who finds a new way to terrorise Victoria Fratz. And this one specifically deals with one of my ultimate scary kicks, what happens when you’re sleeping and at your most vulnerable. But when a young woman decides to record herself sleeping she discovers a creepy mystery about her home. The team have a Patreon now here

Sleep Talker Making of..

I love these little insights! It’s great to see the small team able to make bigger movies with make up artists and still keeping it true to their roots, I can only imagine the Pateron supporters are really opening up so many doors for them and it’s really working out well, can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Friendly Shadow 

Dead Sound AKA David James Armsby presents a slighly different view into his Plesantville known as Autodale, this time under the guise of a murder mystery. When a family is torn apart (quite literally) by a oddly shaped beast, a new character called  The Shadow comes in to find a missing child and the beast that attacked the innocent family. Despite it having a different flavour to the rest of the series it’s still unrelenting with it’s dark portrayal of a brainwashed society and the forces behind the control. James’s creativity never fails to impress.


The Making of Friendly Shadow

Another detailed look into the mega hard work and creative process behind David’s work.


I’m sure I had reviewed this exciting short by Joe Price before but alas I couldn’t find it, I know I’ve definitely watched it a few times now, so just to make sure it’s on my blog as I love it so much, here’s VW!

A pair of brothers are travelling to their parents funeral, the coupe of mismatched misfits argue their way across country to their AirBnB which is unfortunately harboring a group of violent robbers..

What starts as a really interesting drama melts down as the night falls. I really adore the characters and set up of this wonderfully written short movie, it has great effects and it’s playful comedy elements that match up with the gratuitous violence, one not to be missed.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

You can find a list of all my Short Movie Roundup’s here.


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