Hour of Victory (2020)

Director: Engr. Henry Mgbemele
Starring: Onny Michael, Destiny Etiko, Adim Christian, Ebere Okaro, Joseph Daniels, Obi Okoli. .Nigeria. 4h +

This charming Nigerian production is built up around a family drama, a brother and sister are caught up in a terrible cycle, having recently lost their father only to later find out their mother is gravely ill and in need of emergency operation that costs a mere 2Million Naira. The siblings struggle against bad luck to raise the money to save what’s left of their family.

Slowly as the pair try their luck at everything that comes their way, the brother sets up a business but that fails terribly, the sister is propositioned and struggles against her morals to weigh up what’s more important, her mother or her promise to god.

As they fight back against all odds, the hospital begins to lose faith that the money for the operation will ever turn up and threatens to evict the dying mother and it’s at this dire turning point that the brother begins to realise that the family’s bad luck isn’t normal and is being directed by a powerful man in the village, who has been using black magic to cause all their woes and he attempts to go head to head with this demonic character before he can hurt anyone else.

Mgbemele has assembled a weighty cast, including Onny Michael who’s been on a great run this year playing a range of bad boy characters in Nollywood this year alone. His ability to shift character is vital for this commissioned piece.

The magic battles are total winners in his woeful tale, crafted without a lot of effects but are filmed with a bit of trickery, one of the stand out moments is when a group of local gangbangers have been hired to assassinate the bad guy and try shooting him with various guns, but like that scene in Predator, a million bullets are shot but not a single one hits the man who just laughs it off and then attacks the gang leaving one alive to tell his patron what happened.

What starts out as quite a tasty melodrama amps up the action and does offer a really engaging story filled with sorcery and redemption.


Rating: 4/10

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