Short Movie Roundup 10 January 2021




A short experimental piece, looks like something that would be a cutscene in a game. There isn’t a lot you need to incorporate to make something feel Jack the Ripper Fish. One of the most notorious serial killers in the world can be easily created by having a shifty character follow a woman through an olde English setting. Despite the incredibly short running time it seems Michael Peterson has created something visually stunning using Unreal Engine.


A unnerving story from Tony Bloodworth takes a close eye on a man who seems to be haunted by a malevolent force but the trick is to work out if it’s in his head or not. There’s a lot of cultured shots, the man’s journey home through a communal garden is quite poetic and this all changes in the evenings, after he hits the bong and has a few beers, strange things begin to happen, just enough to unsettle even a man with nerves of steel, let alone the isolated guy in this chilling story. I really admire how so many of the jumps and scares are all audible and so eerie, but it’s so easy to wonder if these are in his head, so much clever work here.


Alexei Slater‘s insightful and brutal short movie follows an experienced postman as he details how he learns about his regulars through their mail. Starring Nick Moran who’s known for his tough boy London roles and it’s all here, he’s a cocky guy with a purchase of a bit of naughty!. His sharp observations and razor sharp tongue soon turn dark in this spicy stylish short ,but is he unlike any of the people he criticizes behind the front doors?

It really spins on a dime and goes full throttle at the end after a deadly twist towards the end but it puts it all into perspective and really stands out for its creative nature to paint a worrying but believable picture of middle England..

Turkey Slay

A promise we’ve come back to “Welcome to the Horror Show” I bet you didn’t know that Satan loved Thanksgiving!! Well a poor unsuspecting turkey lover meets another turkey lover but sadly even though they find each other in time for Turkey day their romance won’t last. Another ingenious well acted short from my masked pin up, who is our host with the most.


A guy, home alone is watching all the latest trending youtube video’s suggesting there is some kind of outbreak but it’s only the tube and he isn’t having it.. it’s all FAKE NEWS!!!

There’s a really charming 80’s synth soundtrack that surrounds this mysterious short that suggests some kind of alien invasion, and it has a vibe that if grown could easily fit into one of the VHS segments. It’s an accomplished piece which uses simple techniques really effectively but I didn’t really like the “host” at the beginning, it seemed a little “off” compared to the rest of the film. but it’s a great effort from Alex Magaña.

Behind the Frame

A girl finds a series of photos of her room, but as she holds them up to show the perspective of where the photo was taken it alters the world around her, not learning that it’s probably better to just leave them alone, she goes through each one, slowly discovering a chilling crime scene in an incredibly chilling story by Dylan Clark. It’s really impressive how he sets up a system then breaks it to create more scares, allowing the audience to believe they know what’s coming next then changing the rules has to be done in a smart and stylish way for it to really work and Clark certainly has a cunning style about his work and it really translates well.


Ivan Stepanov half an hour of powerful storytelling seeing a stern patriotic American accidently make contact with a doomed Russian cosmonaut. The pair strike up a strange friendship after a strange time slip. After finding burnt up machinery in the woods with his dog, he fixes a radio and accidently catches a distress call from a Russian voice, not wanting anything do with the “commie” the ever enraged man does his best to ignore the calls but slowly the curiosity grows and he discovers the man is alone and doomed, unable to contact anyone and with no hope of making it back to death without burning up through re entry, they hatch a plan after realising it’s days before the crash that’s already happened!

I love the characters develop around each others sorrow and despair. There’s a slow gradual warmth that grows after they put aside their bravado and hard learnt ideas of hate and it’s something we can all learn in these strange times.


Scary Cryptid and Creature Stories – The Beast of Bray Road

it’s been a while but it’s time to catch up with everyone scary hero, Dr Gallow. This time he’s warning us about a very hairy beastie that hunts along the Bray Road. Stories have ranged from walking dogs, werewolves and possibly the Dr’s ex girlfriend.. Yeah i know you’re intrigued now.. so check out the video and give him a like for me!

Wrath of Jodi

Jim Can’t Swim is one of those iconic channels that really digs deep into those cases we often hear about and don’t get to see behind closed doors but he gets in there and his analysis is laser sharp! I vaguely remember hearing about this story when it broke but it was from the court case onwards and the newspapers are only concerned with sensation so it’s majestic going back and looking at things from right to the bare bones.

The Horrific Case of the Anguished Man

I’ve covered this subject before with a video made by Shrouded Hand, but recently I discovered that That Chapter has also done this topic before and cos it’s so much fun I thought I’d go back a year to when he did his piece.. When are we gonna get a movie?

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

You can find a list of all my Short Movie Roundup’s here.

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