Short Movie Roundup 17 January 2021

The Howling Wind

Black and white poignant short movie from a brilliant duo, Lorian Gish & Justin Knoepfel really gets under the skin. Set in 1960’s America the film opens with a chilling warning on the radio of a strange storm, a wind that’s “infecting” people, the warning is simple, stay indoors. Which is what one patriotic American plans to do, then he discovers a man hiding in his basement, the two make friends, drink and make merry but on sobering up the presence of the stranger starts to erk the homeowner.

It’s incredibly dramatic, with damned near perfect acting and a charming retro feel about it both in the charming radio broadcasts to the vintage décor and 60’s noir feel about the entire movie. At times the sound is overthrown by a chilling soundtrack that Hitchcock would be proud of and the suspense cuts through the last half of the movie as strong shadowed cinematography takes over. Truly amazing work here. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 17 January 2021