12 Horrors from 2012 Still Worth Talking About Vol 1

Antiviral (2012)

I love starting a list of horror movies off with a movie which is only loosely a horror, at least in my opinion. This outstanding surreal thriller is directed by Brandon Cronenberg, the talented son of David Cronenberg and the new flesh is strong within this young Jedi, starring Caleb Laundry Jones as a tradesman of viruses. In this Dystopian future society has stopped up it’s fanboi game and people will pay to be infected by the same flu or virus as their favourite celebrity to feel connected with them. As with any industry there is a black market and so ??? and a friend are able to trade on this market but things go terribly wrong. After taking a sample from the most popular actress in the world, he quickly injects himself, before finding the antivirus, he immediately starts to feel unwell but awakes the next day to find out that she has died. He’s then in a mad rush to find a cure and while unravelling the cure he follows a dark, paranoid path into the unknown. The visuals are unnerving for this highly unique story and Brandon has a lot of potential for future sci fi and horror projects.

ATM (2012)

I never said this was a list of the BEST horrors but this was one of the more memorable of the downtrodden horrors of the year. Three friends go into a secure ATM on the way home after one of them, Cory (Josh Peck) who’s been a total jerk for the entire movie makes them stop for cash, unbeknownst to them a psycho has been planning on trapping someone in the ATM and torturing them with some Saw styled traps. The trio spend the rest of the night fighting for their lives, but with a brilliant twist at the end the horror looks to continue, sadly this project was never picked up again, I think part 2 might be able to offer a bit more of the better aspects that seeded here but it’s yet to happen.

Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

Possibly one of the tamest horrors on the list this deeply cerebral movie sparks all of the senses. An Englishman is hired to create sound effects for a Giallo styled movie called The Equestrian Vortex, in 1970’s Rome, Toby Jones plays this difficult role with ease, as a total outsider and often in bizarre conversations that make the language barrier more than evident he slowly starts to lose his mind through the vivid landscape of sounds that he’s tasked with creating. It’s a wonderful film, possibly one of Peter Strickland’s best, with nods to Lynch and Polanski he creates this pre-digital sound world and makes the mechanics behind it into some sort of alchemical instrument. In the spirit of Kafka Toby Jones’s unravelling goes from cerebral to physical in a glorious manner.

Grabbers (2012)

A police officer travels to Aran Island to cover for a colleague, simultaneously a bloodthirsty alien sea creature arrives with the intentions of spawning and eating, the only trouble is that it can’t stand eating people with high alcohol levels (how gross) so Ireland was a bit of a shit place to make home but alas the locals only gradually manage to pick up on what’s going on through brief moments of sobriety and it’s even harder to fight a tentacle with a mouth when you’re only chances of making it are being half cut. It’s a quaint but very bold horror comedy with lots of popular Brit faces and lots of gore and confused victims. While I’m not a huge fan of CGI it’s been adapted quite well considering the difficult design of the fleshy wet monsters that infiltrate the after hours drinking in this sleepy town.

Grave encounters 2 (2012)

After the success of the original movie from only a year before, the Vicious Brothers return with a slightly odd expansion of their Grave Encounters universe. A student has become obsessed with the show and the events surrounding the disappearance of the crew from the series. On entering the original hospital to make his own investigations there seems to be more paranormal activating going on than in the first film but the atmosphere just isn’t the same the film doesn’t have the same impact as we’ve seen it all before and this film doesn’t try to bring anything new to the table, but it’s still quite interesting and illuminates a bit more into the mechanics of the energy behind this crazy haunting.

ABC’s of Death (2012)

The motherload of horror anthologies arrived in 2012 which was so impressive to have two sequels and hopefully another in the pipeline. ABC’s of death is a brilliant concept opening up the floodgates of the imagination, inviting directors to submit a short horror story in their own style originally running through the alphabet it was a mystery what the subject was, obviously the letter was known but a lot of the directors played with the mystery of what the subject was really about. This worldwide project really hit some hard notes with elements of comedy and quite disturbing subjects, but with so many styles and projects there’s something for everyone.

Devil Inside (2012)

Another favourite found footage horror movie of mine. An American girl decides to make a documentary about the strange events surrounding her mother who was convicted of killing three clergy people during her exorcism. After hooking up with a young priest who’s into exorcisms she attempts to connect with her batshitcrazy mother and investigate her past. Things get gory as the causes seem to move from medical to possession as the team scrambles to save themselves or is more at stake? There’s a particular downtrodden, grey feeling to movie which really gives it a homemade edge, it’s expected well but doesn’t pull a lot of fans like most found footage fails to do, but it did make a sizeable profit and to it’s credit it did use real footage, not from a real exorcism but the trail footage is from that of serial killer Alieen Wournos.

The Collection (2012)

A year of sequels! This one comes after The Collector which was a real treat for horror/gore cinema fans as it documents some nonsensical but amazingly deranged torture scenes as a robber has to ninja around the house he’s trying to rob that’s been rigged by a madman to cause as much pain and death as possible. But in this sequel our Collector has a lot more people to play with in his own secret den/nightclub Called Hotel Argento (gentle nod to the great man) when a group of mercenaries try to rescue his latest play thing. It’s just as crazy in it’s approach but doesn’t fail to deliver lashings of blood and gore, along with some seriously fucked up characters, it’s a charm but I hope that the next installment goes back to the creepy guy in the house approach which was way more successful in giving me the creeps.

Chernobyl Diaries (2012)

I’ve always found the events surrounding Chernobyl upsetting and scary but the literal fallout and life after the milestone event is deeply disturbing and I’m amazed it took this long for a horror to be made about the town secluded in as much mystery as radiation. Shot on location this horror goes from minor scares to a full throttle horror gauntlet for a few European couples who have to try and escape a desperate situation after losing their guide, the engine to their car when night falls in Pripyat. It takes a while to warm up but by the end the movie hits on all the conspiracy theories and horror ideas that have cropped up over the years.

V/H/S (2012)

For me this was a huge breakthrough in modern horror anthologies. A group is paid by an unknown third party to break into a home and steal some rare VHS tapes, as they find no one home they slowly look through the tapes which all seem to have captured some bizarre events. The segments/tapes reveal some dark and disturbing events, either from a paranormal sense, Amateur Night seem to feature a date from hell as a unknown blood crazed creature is picked up in a club, of just a record of deeply fucked up individuals with a love of blades as in Second Honeymoon. The filming techniques are all unique to their respective director but all have a very similar in a way, it’s uncanny and spurred on two more sequels and has some connections with ABC’s of Death and Southbound anthologies, the new Amicus maybe?

Citadel (2012)

After a deeply traumatic home invasion a young man is left alone to raise his daughter alone, in his run down apartment on a desolate council estate filled with human vermin. The man seems to be going through disturbing mental and physical changes as the film shows that the previous attackers seem to return like a dark force, is a demonic force trying to take over the block or is it really a hub for a new kind of demonic force. Aneurin Barnard stars in this taunt psychological thriller alongside his local priest (James Cosmo) and social worker, both trying to assist him and his child in the best ways possible but it’s entirely up to the frightened young man to decipher the code and make a stand.

Cabin in the woods (2012)

This movie seems to have a number of release dates, from 2009 to 2012, listed as 2011 on the imdb, but with a release date in most countries as 2012, sooooo i’m counting it because it’s fun and for me it was definitely a highlight to 2012. So a group of scooby doo styled explorers head into the woods on the very stereotypical young people heading into their impending doom trip into a remote cabin, however played around this narrative there’s another story showing a group of secret service tech who seem to be pulling strings to get the kids all killed by why!?

A beautiful engaging plot with dramatic reveals leads to one hella horror experience and w great movie plays on the tropes of horror and opens a film up as being quite unique, it laughs at the expected with us but remains interesting and devastatingly scary in some way.


What did you think of the list and what do you think should make Volume 2?

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