The House Inbetween (2020)

Director: Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton
Starring: Alice Jackson, Amy Bullard, John Bullard, Jerry Byrd, Brad Cooney, Steve Consalves. USA. 1h 21m

Alice Jackson lives in her dream home, a somewhat unusual design but a cute rustic house on the edge of town, however she doesn’t feel safe being in her home as there’s a high amount of paranormal activity going on, so she opens up and begins talking about her home and the strangeness that goes on her plea for help evokes something in a couple of mature investigators who are amazed with the range of activity going on in Alice’s home.

It’s quite a raw documentary, as we get to see a lot of the behind the scenes rather than just having the spectacle played out for us, but this fits the documentary as it grows into something quite personal for all involved and there are even a few years to hold back.

Starting with lots of enthusiasm the documentary covers all the basics, carefully introducing Alice as an often frightened homeowner whose doors open and close at will and strange items moving around her home, she has begun to live in fear in her sanctuary.

There’s a typical set up of cameras set up around the home, and often resembles any of the YouTube haunted home investigation experiments, but it breaks into the real footwook of an investigation into the house both historically, scientifically and spiritually as a host of experts are invited to give their opinion and to have a walk around. There’s a lot to admire with the team’s approach, they want to find proof that “something” is up but they are happy to debunk what they can, there’s nothing more infuriating when a team believes in EVERYTHING that gives energy to a lost cause.

There’s quite a lot of history to sort through and things constantly go bump in the night to keep the documentary quite fresh however you may feel, like many that it doesn’t really go past much more than a few doors opening and closing and a baseball being knocked down the stairs, but it’s admirable that the info is out there and I hope that Alice beings to get more answers as awareness of her home grows. But in terms of good filmmaking without any conclusions or growth in the story quite a few cinefiles feel a bit cheated and this just feels like another flat ghost story with a lot of build up but no pay off. The House Inbetween is well produced and warmly received but there’s just a lot missing that could really have boosted the film into the externality as it has all the makings of something greater. Maybe there will be a sequel?

Rating: 3/10

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Lists: Haunted Houses
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