Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021

Lucys Tale

A compelling coming of age drama with hints of Ginger Snaps/Carrie/The Craft about it. Chelsea Lupkin paints a convincing story around an teen outcast, Lucy who is victimised by the popular clique which is stereotypical but it’s how it’s played out which has a new twang of badass that sets it apart. There’s a magical moment at a party when Lucy is sucking face with the popular girls boyfriend, the scene slows down, romantic 60’s music is playing and in the background one of her abusers is choking to death with people scrambling around her, but this is only one of Lucy’s powers, the other strange quirks involves her temper and a tail…

For the build up, Lucy’s increasing appendages, her ability to cause accidents and nosebleeds and random choking, there’s quite a somber ending, when you think you’ve worked out what Lucy might be becoming you’ll find out it’s something completely different. A totally fresh horror that I would like to see more of, I do like the increase of monsters that aren’t quite traditional but feel like you’ve heard of them before.. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021