Short Movie Roundup 24 January 2021

Lucys Tale

A compelling coming of age drama with hints of Ginger Snaps/Carrie/The Craft about it. Chelsea Lupkin paints a convincing story around an teen outcast, Lucy who is victimised by the popular clique which is stereotypical but it’s how it’s played out which has a new twang of badass that sets it apart. There’s a magical moment at a party when Lucy is sucking face with the popular girls boyfriend, the scene slows down, romantic 60’s music is playing and in the background one of her abusers is choking to death with people scrambling around her, but this is only one of Lucy’s powers, the other strange quirks involves her temper and a tail…

For the build up, Lucy’s increasing appendages, her ability to cause accidents and nosebleeds and random choking, there’s quite a somber ending, when you think you’ve worked out what Lucy might be becoming you’ll find out it’s something completely different. A totally fresh horror that I would like to see more of, I do like the increase of monsters that aren’t quite traditional but feel like you’ve heard of them before..


A young woman receives a mysterious package in the post, unfortunately it’s not the matching dildo her bestie suggested it should be, but she does offer a source of the package as she’s seen news stories about people receiving random packages from amazon, much to the woman’s disappointment the parcel contains a simple hairbrush, one she didn’t order but is happy to use but not so happy that it seems to have released a yūrei into her home.

Jay Diaz has created a successful short movie, I personally find it annoying that every spooky ghost has to be a white clad long haired mystery but alas it’s a mood now. His craftwork shines through past the stereotype, there’s a cynical lens played over married life and a touch of humour. The magic works when the lights go out and the tension builds, with an interesting cut and mix of shorts with a chilling almost silent hill horn blaring soundtrack it’s effective.

Don’t Peek

An animal crossing horror story? What on earth could be horroriic about Animal Crossing? Apart from the mounting debts from Tom Nook!

Playing AC on your switch at night might not be an option after watching this chilling short from Julian Terry . When a girl realises that the items her character touches in their AC home begin affecting those in her real life the game takes on a playful tone, however when a spooky slenderman-esque character peers in from the darkness the game takes on a sinister tone and it gets into the realms of nightmares and frights! I love the aesthetics and I’d go as far as saying it matches the work of David F Sandberg.

Fear Filter

I don’t know how I missed this a year ago but a not-so-cute snap chat filter is used as a tool of fear in a creepy horror short sadly it was popularised in the 2020 covid horror Host, and both are equally as chilling, but I have to admit that there is a extra edge to this film which Host missed out on. Tracy Kleeman needs to be given carte blanche to make a full on horror, what she creates in a couple of minutes is outstanding.

A teen, alone at home is doing the Snapchat thing, taking tons of selfies using different filters, however the latest bunny filter makes a scary face when you smile, a bit creeped out she notices that the filter has picked up on something hiding in the darkness, she’s not the only bunny out that night. As the situation escalated the entity got a little hands..


Experimental art-house adventure through emotions is played out in a silent short from Void Media. A beautifully lit stairway is the subject, a woman ascents and smiles, she’s suspended from a platform and carrying water which is also washing down the steps she smiles, this mix of emotions and symbolism set against some experimental jazz from a band called Fables is quite moving, a great expression for a mix of high lof emotions and losing self control.

The Numismatist

Andew Loveridge has succeeded in making an indie movie with a really high production qualities, where the human subject is only part of the story alongside a deeply mysterious local legend. While on a hiatus from work a man dealing with a public scandal attempts to take his own life, while placing the noose around his neck he notices a coin. Thinking this is a life saving, one more chance as life moment he goes home, but much to his dismay all the coin brings are visions, creeping footsteps around his home and a feeling of dredd.
What seems to be a thoughtful, good attempt at a ghost story fails from time to time for it’s acting and effects but it’s put together with such dedication it’s easy to watch but there aren’t any true scares so no need to clench your butt, after some whimsical drama there are a few horror elements thrown in for good measure, but nothing extraordinary. But in all fairness I think a longer HP Lovecraft thriller could really be brought to life by this team, I think they would do better to reach higher and push some boundaries.

If We Love

This movie feels like it may have been therapeutic to the duo who made it, Paul and Arianna Myzia’s incredibly deep short see’s a woman on the verge of suicide, and she recalls her last interaction with a Black guy in a car park, somehow his totally random encounter really has a profound effect on her decision.

It’s a tough movie to watch, the crying and intensity will really get under the skin, but it’s an alluring sentiment to how important the smallest kind word can change and influence the world around you.

Where’s Waldo

I never imagined that the skinny stripe jumper nerd could ever be scary but Alex Bale has successfully changed my mind about this. While a young man is spending some time alone at home during a stormy night trying to find Waldo, however after a bold lightning strike it seems Waldo is transported from the book and into his home but insists on remaining hidden.. kinda..

A freaky alone at home terror is enhanced with a touch of computer graphics but it really does give a fright as it’s constructed so well, defiantly a top contender for this years list.


A Scary Christmas Horror Story – Of Cloven Hooves Came Death

The legendary creepy Dr Gallow returned at Christmas to tell us a scary story but I was too afraid but now I have adult supervision I gave this terrifying tale a listen.. And I’m not looking forwards to next Crimbo when this malevolent nightmare inducing creature might be lurking in the woods once again. The Dr is possibly onto a new classic here?!?! Have a listen and find out.

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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