Skylines (2020)

Stylized as SKYLIN3S

AKA Skyline 3

Director: Liam O’Donnell
Starring: Lindsey Morgan, Jonathan Howard, Daniel Bernhardt, Rhona Mitra, James Cosmo, Alexander Siddig .USA. 1h 50m

Long after the failure of Skyline and the mediocre success of the sequel, it’s plain to see that the new format is the new template for all future movies, now that Liam O’Donnell is in the driving seat. While O’Donnell’s fine tuning has made a drastic improvement in the Skyline trilogy it’s taken the film down a strange rabbit hole but is this third installment a breath of fresh air or just the final nail in the Skyline coffin?

With only a few hints of the original movie showing through Skylines pays homage to the previous two films with a quaint little campfire tale, James Cosmo sits about a fire looking all grisly and war torn, telling the children of the apocalyptic future about the days before the alien invasion and a young girl named Rose who helped us fight the aliens with her hybrid magic, and from then on the tone of the movie drops and I fell out of love with the Skyline again.

The Sad thing about the Skyline is that the mix has just never been right, but it’s always presented with total conviction, the original movie ends when it’s supposed to get going, but the sequel managed to be a really watchable sci fi movie but it feels as if the steam is finally extinguished from the Skyline story but at least it’s gone out with an unexpected trilogy.

Skylin3s concernes itself with the young baby who grew so fast in the previous movie, now, Rose is an adult only 5 years later, her brother a guyver looking alien is still hanging around and the earth is healing after being ripped apart from a violent alien invasion. Rose, managed to use her unique talent and hybrid capabilities to wipe out most of the alien force and all the random people who were turned into Aliens have now become docile (you can tell from the blue eyes) but with a new disease wrecking london (not covid) and turning the peaceful aliens hostile again, she’s kidnapped by special forces who plan to go to the Aliens planet and finish the fight for humanity for one and all. But things are never that simple.

With the mission to save the earth being so global, the team have to be multicultural so experts from around the globe make up the team of outstanding individuals but the mission is just not all that exciting, Alexander Siddig stands out as the leader, General Radford, as he gives orders but has not special reason to be there until some clarity at the end but after reaching the home planet there’s just a lot of the same messy large and small scale alien battles in a blue mecha styled world. There won’t be any surprises how things will play out and the film takes nearly 2 hours for that to conclude but if you stick around there are some cracking bloopers in the end credits which are hilarious, maybe if they left some of these bits it the film would be more entertaining.

I did have a lot of hope that this would be more like the last movie but in hindsight, I realise that Skyline has to move on and progress has to be made with the narrative, however personally I feel the height of the series is the second movie but it will be interesting to see what happens next, do we lumber on with this model or call it a day?

Rating: 4/10

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