Sean Harris

Sean Harris has long been of those whose his presence in a film with encourage me to watch it, an unusual method actor, for me first burst onto the screen in the the aptly titled Creep (2004) when he played some kind of genetically modified subterranean creature and to be honest I thought they had possibly found some kind of missing link as he played the part so accurately, from then, all of his roles have been utterly perfect and once I see his name is in the cast list I’m sure to watch.

Possum (2018)

Possibly one of Sean’s most involved and highly praised roles happened so late his career, as Britain’s hidden secret weapons of acting seemed to have grabbed the headlines in this dismal world where he plays a very convincing; shamed children’s entertainer and puppet maker who returns home to his family home to be confronted by a sadistic and violent father. The movie is a giant slice of British melancholia everything is so drab and dreary, the house he lives in is run down peeling brown wallpaper is the theme, the world outside just an isolated mess and the constant haunting of his spider crab puppet with dolls face which changes and stalks him is nightmare inducing it’s a brilliant slice of dark natured cinema with some hints of art house pop place throughout especially a surreal connection with latex balloons. [REVIEW]

Creep (2004)

Creep is probably my introduction to Sean Harris’s amazing ability and talents of character acting. diving into this role of a pure psychopath fringed with strange animalistic tendencies, Creep is one of those films you don’t want to watch late at night and have to travel home in London. A young fashion writer is travelling to a party to see George Clooney when she falls asleep in is trapped on the underground after hours, unfortunately while being stalked by a pervy colleague she also runs into to the Creep, a young man who was once taken down into the the secret areas of the London Underground and experimented on,but is now living by his own devices which involves carrying on the sadistic experiments that were once performed on him. Its a delightful gory tail with lots of on the spot improvisations to get real fear from it’s cast. [REVIEW]

Outlaw (2007)

Sean Bean and Danny Dyer in a British film about criminals?!? obviously this one is just about bearable however Bob Hoskins does pop in to play a street smart credible cop with a great of gold. Sean Harris is easily one of the more interesting characters, originally he’s a security guard for the hostle where Sean Bean has recently been released, an army vet a, returns home to find his girl had left him, shunned and nearly on the streets hes unhappy with the Injustice on our streets and decided to go vigilante. Harris’s character really picks up on the idea that he could become something of a hero through this new outlaw gang however his characters brings crumbles in on itself becoming something much more nasty and horrible that his gang soon as to to remove.

I like the idea of playing people outside of society that is where I tend to be drawn


Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

By far this isn’t one of the better possession movies out there, however it does have some quirks and differences being set somewhere between the realms of Se7en a grisly police detective Eric Bana trying to work out the source of unreal crimes he soon finds himself dealing with unnamed demons. Harris performance while on the surface isn’t the most powerful possessed person performance, however he not a contortionist like some actors have been to portray the damned, but he is a character actor so he was probably in this frame of mind for some time before, during and after his performance which show some mental strength. It can be argued that he does definitely comes across as a similar character to the one who played in Creep, just maximisd by tenfold that shows he has grown so much as an actor.

The Goob (2014)

in this particular movie Sean basically plays a total bastard in all honesty but he does it well. The Goob is more about a young teenage boy who’s nickname is Goob, at the beginning of the film is on his way home from school starting his summer holidays where he intended to pray around and also happens to fall in love with a traveler girl however Harris’s chevonestic character just doesn’t seem to want anyone around him to be happy especially the Goob and does everything he can to destroy the boys happiness and relationship he plays a total creepy sexual predator with no redeeming qualities but you can’t deny played it well. [REVIEW]


Which of Sean’s movies would you class as his best?

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