Short Movie Roundup 14 February 2021

It’s valentine’s day and I’m a post surgery nightmare so this list will be short and sweet..

Date Night

A charming tale of sadistic romance from James DeCumber and Chris Lundy. When a young woman wakes to find herself tied to a plastic coated table begging for her life when her killer draws nears, but there’s more to this story than what meets the eyes. A tantalising story of a couple trying out something new will keep you on the edge waiting to see how it will all pan out, really entertaining and clever little short that highlights some real couple issues. The acting and setting is really spot on, a bit dreaming and a lot of mystery.

The Lonely Host

Lisa J Dooley’s charming short has some of the most impressive acting and character work I’ve seen in a short movie for a long time. A young woman is travelling to surprise her girlfriend with concert tickets and books in to an AirBnB, but the homeowner is totally nuts, really vibrant, loud and chatty, she admits that she has trouble with personal boundaries and boy she’s intrusive, but in a highly over friendly way, but she assures the only thing you need to be afraid of is the dog pee, but no one is buying that, something creepy is going on here.

There’s a lot of different techniques used to bring the story home, text messaging flashes on the screen, fish eye spy cameras help enhance the ideas of who or what is watching and the bonus is a creepy retro styled synth soundtrack that just gives the film a slight vapor edge, and you’ll be forgiven if the movie manages to fool you with a trick or two.. got me also.


A Corner is making a few touches to a new body in the morgue but he gets a bit too touchy feely and his obsession for dead flesh leads him down a path of no return. Director Elwood Quincy Walker’s macabre tale of lust is accentuated with an old ragtime aesthetic which really suits the story and character of the coroner, he’s so prim and proper but obviously a freak between the sheets.

There’s a healthy level of corpse pervert as this film melts from good to disturbing, although personally I’d like to see a touch more imagination in the closing scene. Really it’s all been done before but I have to admit it is done incredibly well for the time and budget here.


A girl sits in a circle of arcane symbols and candles chanting a haunting tune until a strange entity dressed in a black robe enters saying “mine” what could he mean? Jesus Diez Perez has created a curious folklorish occult horror, it has a slight Dark Song (2016) feeling about it. But in it’s short 7 minutes it opens up a lifetime of history between it’s two characters, a girl who was possessed by a demon and the demon who once possessed her, sadly the brutal exorcism is skipped but if you ever wondered what post exorcism life is like then this is a good enough insight.. and a chilling outcome is all that much tougher to behold.

Spirit of the Glass : A Love Story Horror Short

I quite like the use of artistic license in this dreamy short movie. A girl prepares a letter of love for her boyfriend, but before he has the chance to open the letter he vanished mysteriously, in her grief the girl attempts to make contact using a ouija board and we all know how that usually works out!

Azron Shais movie could almost be considered a silent film, there’s long periods when nothing is said and there’s not background music for the story to bounce off from, but somewhere in the silence there’s a really haunting story of grief and sadness.


Date Night – Dr Gallow

So just when I was feeling totally alone on Valentines night I noticed that the Ghoul with all the Cool has uploaded a charming darkly themed Creepypasta story for everyone settling into a cosy romantic night with their loved one if they like it or not.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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