Spotlight : Scott Speedman

I’ve always found the British-Canadian actor to be one of those shy types, he doesn’t seem to have enough in him to play a strong lead but as a supporting actor he can really boost a movies vibe. Hopefully we’ll see more of him in the future but here are what I think are some of his stand out roles.

01.Underworld (2003)

It took me ages to bother watching Underworld because I knew exactly how it was going to play out before it had even been released and I was spot on. But basically vampires vs werewolves and to make things exciting we’re treated to a hybrid between the species and this precious mutant love interest is Michael (Scott Speedman). It’s an okay film, adored by lots of proto goths and pseudo kinksters. Speedmans performance isn’t blinding but he certainly does put a lot of energy into this role.

02.The Strangers (2008)

I adore this movie, it’s taught, romantic (to a degree) horrific and gut wrenching, and all based on a true story. A young couple return home from a party, much like Home Sweet Home (2013) and are terrorised by a group of “Stranger”, trapped and alone they struggle against this perverse group of 3 masked psychopaths. The film has an extremely small cast, it’s a majority of the film involves just James (Speedman) and his girlfriend Kirsten (Liv Tyler). so the focus is on them and they do step up and give their all, resulting in possibly their best performances to date.

03.Anamorph (2007)

A bit of a poor relation to Se7en this film details two very different police officers on the chase of a serial killer called Uncle Eddie, who is a copycat killer to someone that Willem Dafoe took down several years ago after killing his girlfriend. He’s soon brought out of tutoring and paired up with a new and slightly inexperienced partner that happens to be Scott, the film is focused mostly on Williems character who has more history with a killer and lots of strange OCD style behaviors, although Scott is a good supporting cast member and while he doesn’t Play a large part he is quite pivotal and does make a very good impression.

04.Citizen Gangster (2012)

Scott Speedman portrays Edwin Boyd a Richmond from World War II who is dismayed by public attitude towards veterans and after going through a period of depression and did a city bus isn’t enough and instead dolls himself up in theatrical makeup and robs banks to support his young family, Speedman is quite matured in the seasoned in this role and manages to pull off a convincing range of emotions from depression, anxiety and the thrill of the chase, the film isn’t as action packed as it could be and turns into a passionate affair although the very strong performance from Speedman and Kelly Reilly who plays his life on the edge gives the film a much needed breath of life.

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