Short Movie Roundup 21 February 2021



So this crazy short comedy horror was conceived by a few viewers who wrote the piece via a “chain letter” which is really creative, a few high school friends and I would create freaky stories that way too, but we never came up with anything this solid. A guy ends up spending halloween by himself when all of his friends bail on him, rejecting and upset his best pal Macy turns up dressed up as a ghost using the old sheet method but as the night progresses he realises his silent bestie might be something more sinister. There’s a charm about the immersive soundtrack and a lot of work has gone into building tension with a range of filming techniques, the skewed angels really bounce off the idea that something isn’t quite right and the lead character handles the changes in mood and tempo really well. There’s odd bits of flashy photography cut scenes, it’s used a little too much but overall it’s a great indie flick and I think the team, especially director Alexander Rau and lead The Geek Smith can go far with their punk attitudes to filming

The Host

Bäppel Entertainment return after their short film Whisper and with a similar crew offer a few jump scares on gaming night. The German foursome are enjoying a bit of gaming when they get a little dry but when Klaus doesn’t return with the beers the remaining friends are in for a fright.

Listed in the bio are all of the cameras used and yet I was blown away by the effects they managed to pull off, with lots of drops, and action shots, you can’t not get a feeling that something will jump out at every corner. enhanced with some powerful sound effects, it really doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with the subtitles you’ll be very aware of what’s going on as your eyes are drawn to every creepy effect.


If someone calls you up to go to their storage unit to recover a silver box, hang up and run away.. far away. Sean Heyman, short movie follows a man who reluctantly takes on the task and finds something terrifying within. There’s a lot to like about the movie, a gripping storyline, a totally terrifying environment, the steel shuttered narrow corridors and fluorescent lights leads to an unwelcome feeling as our hero desperately attempts to escape but the only drawback, for me at least is the actual entity he encounters, I’ve really had enough of the overdone white dress and long black hair ghost girls now..

Mystery Box

Sonny Laguna’s immaculate story is told in about 10 minutes, surrounding a terrifying ordeal of a young woman named Moa who finds a chained box in her fishing net white trying to get a bite to eat while staying in a remote cabin just outside Stockholm she find that she can’t get away from the box or its contents no matter how hard she tries.

The colour pallet and texture of the movie encapsulates that retro chic that a lot of European thrillers pull off so well. The entire movie is lit like a dream, with heavy lights and darks, there’s a really jarring feeling created with a heavy soundtrack, piano keys really knock the terror into the film that ends with twice devastating creeps. Laguna is one to keep an eye on. and don’t worry about the subtitles and language barrier, you won’t miss anything.

Wet Willy

I suppose we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Who hasn’t had a Wet Willy? Did you even have a childhood? Well the little boy who’s been subjected to a wet willy by a prevalent school bully gets his revenge thanks to a new friend he’s made in Nic Stanich’s spooky short movie.

The school atmosphere is captured so well, but the highlight of the movie is the effects used on the “little friend” and the revenge scene. I have to admit I’ve not seen anything like that before and this really needs to be something much bigger and longer. Gotta hope people start taking Stanich that little bit more serious as he has a lot to offer.

He’s Outside

A micro short movie here, less than 2 minutes from 6Four6Films it has some super great tension and keeps you on edge but I gotta admit that I wasn’t balled over by the ending, a really good attempt that just needed a bit more creativity but this is only my opinion, I’d love to see them come back harder and with something a bit tasiter.

Come to Bed

A couple living in a remote house, being to drop off in front of the TV during a storm, the wife/gf heads upstairs and noticed the window open and something… in the bedroom.. on realised his other half is upstairs and the film is about to start the slumbering man wakes up to find a very unsettling situation in his bedroom.

There’s a great set up with the story but not really enough in the way of backstory or reasoning behind the events which isn’t a huge problem and Hugh Sweeny has delivered a cracking ghostly short story and it seems it was filmed during lockdown so kudos to the team for working through that nightmare.

The Chrysalis

Initially I have to admit that the director might be a child from the Cthulhu Mythos, I introduce Mr. Michael Squid to the roundup and the first film I found from him is a delightful unsettling movie. A son moves home to help his mother, as she begins experiencing some kind of dementia but on arrival he begins to suspect that there might be something else at play with her. With an experimental classical soundtrack, plucking strings and constant disorder there’s nothing about the movie that will make anyone feel “at home” or confortable.

With such a high strung concept and it’s prequilararities the acting is what would make the movie work and Kathryn G. Howell and Aidan Laliberte deserve a lot of recognition for their impeccable work. this really is a tiny masterpiece.


Top 3 Stories that sounds fake but are 100% real Part 1

I really enjoyed this compilation of short freaky stories, the tree growing in the lung story I had heard about but only in the less than honest gossip rag and I assumed it was a total lie but there’s a lot of proof here which is going to make me rethink human anatomy.. check out this and Part two Below for some “mind blown” moments.

Top 3 Stories that sounds fake but are 100% real Part 2

Don’t Stay in Room 371

Natures Temper tells a crafty story of a couple of business men who check into a hotel from hell, on arriving one is given a bunch of strange rules which for him are damned near impossible not to break. A mind altering experience which dredges up tons of personal fears and dark secrets. A really gripping story that never stops twisting and turning.

The Jungle

Nature temper again with a story that will keep you out of the forest, if that’s a metaphor or not is totally up to you..


Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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