Short Movie Roundup 28 February 2021

3 Days

In a haze of blue monochrome three women awaken inside their tent with courier noises circling them, but of course there’s something outside, it’s the great outdoors and the city girls are camping in an alien environment, but they have each other. it’s not the creepy noises which captures the audience straight away it’s their 3am conversation about life the universe and everything that earmark the the women as awesomely funny and relatable, but after a flashback the film begins to breakdown like a Christopher Nolan production bending time and realty to get to the cause of the matter, and the truth of the situation engulfs the protagonist.

Written and directed by Julie Sharbutt 3 days weaves a brilliant retrospective tale of female strength and unity, but unfortunately just at the wrong time and place, however the message is clear, be careful when you try to lose yourself to find yourself, women need to stick together and support each other or the world will prey on us individually. Such a powerful story of solidarity which stings with a certain sadness, really emotive piece. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 28 February 2021