Post Discussion : Bigfoot wars (2014)

Please note that this post discussion is a post discussion! Therefore it’s full of spoilers and discloses information about the ENTIRE film, including the beginning middle and yes the ending, and also these films…damn there is no other films like it..

So if you’ve not seen Bigfoot Wars (2014) or any of the above, it’s probably better not to read on, instead please check out my spoiler free review here.


Considering what I rated the movie and how poor it is overall, I did find some interesting parts and therefore I have a post discussion for y’all.

The Plot

After the mayor of Boggy Creek is murdered by an unknown assailant, it’s unknown if Bigfoot or a local self styled Dixieland Mafioso’s, Eddie Judtertin is responsible. Meanwhile a group of teens head out for some fun in the woods and they are also attacked and killed during the night. The local Sheriff and Deputy are pressured to find the murderer due to one of the kids’ connections to a VIP.

An ex Sherif, now hardcore alcoholic, discovered a disheveled woman, Dakota, running through the woods, while rescuing her he witnesses Bigfoot, and reports this to Sherriff Jim, while getting help for Dakota, the local doctor confirms that the animal that made short work of all the victims isn’t a bear but that’s what he’s going to put on the reports.

Jim’s daughter head out to a drive in with her boyfriend, when they are attacked, her date is killed and she’s dragged off. The next day a reporter and her cameraman head out to search for bigfoot themselves. They find bigfoot (lucky) and the monster chasing them through the woods. Back at the Sheriff’s office, he , the deputy, Zeke the local wild hunter and Dakotas father, all head out to find Bigfoot and the Sheriff’s daughter.

The news reporter and cameraman accidentally barge in on outlaw Eddie Justertin’s hideout, Eddie fires a warning shot, they flee but the camera man steps on a landmine. The chase continues until the sheriff et all catch up and they managed to shoot bigfoot to death with a shotgun but the Deputy is killed by a giant spear thrown by someone off screen.

Zeke performs a bigfoot call and kills the first creature which approaches, then during a long hillbilly speech he reveals that bigfoot females are now extinct and the males now steal women, rape them and keep the babies, it’s then disclosed that Dakota is pregnant, and she gives birth, but the baby isn’t revealed. Back in the woods the remaining party keep on with the massacre of Big foot’s, Bigfeet? Zeke and the Sheriff get separated after an explosion to try and close up the cave where the creatures are coming from and the film ends with Zeke and the Sheriff fighting until the bitter end when they are overpowered by dozens of bigfoots who rip them to shreds.


I have to admit that there were many points within the film where it lost my attention, I was keeping up with the plot but some of the small mistakes, poor acting and lack of action and gore didn’t hold me as much as a project like this could have. But the backstory is really strong but the execution is hit and miss. When the horror, creatures and action heats up it becomes a different game entirely, the quiet drama segments are so very poor, usually cheaper movies tend to realise that they aren’t going to have any Oscar winning scenes and make the most of the situation, crazy characters, odd situations or just some comedy but Bigfoot Wars is just dry as hell at times.

So in the final throes of this Woody adventure the last two men standing hold the fort, standing brave between the world and the uber violent hairy creatures, it’s a brief moment where all the stops are pulled out, we see them, shooting, rocket launching and hacking the last(?) remaining big feet but in a tragic turn of events they are totally torn apart. It’s an odd way to end a movie, I am one of the first to shout about the fact that we need to shake things up in cinema, drop the stereotypes and give the audience an ending which is “different” but here is something unusual and I’m openly shocked!

In all fairness and honesty it’s a great game changer, Zeke and the Sheriff do all they can to protect the town from the creatures but end up dying in the process in a terribly violent manner although you’ll have to envision that with your minds eye as a lot of the violence is off screen in this horror drama, something out of the ordinary for Bigfoot movies, where the usual aim is to either give an credence that the myth is true or not, or it’s just a opportunity for a team to get in as many gory kills as possible as the forest terminator does his work.

The Aftermath

There are hints about what happens after the credits roll, but either this was left open for the opportunity to carry on as a series or it’s just left for the viewer to form their own opinion, and here’s my two cents.

So the Bigfoot are now a tribe of males, who impregnate human women to keep their race going, not either these women are having big hairy babies or they are birthing hybrids? It’s never clear but considering that the hairy guys are still about after their women are no more, I assume that the babies are just little big feet. So Zeke saved his town while being the grandfather of a baby bigfoot.. how embarrassing huh.

But… if any of the babies are human like then it’s begs the question, are some of the towns folk hybrids? If so who and what the hell is going on and what the hell happened to the hairy women?? This is something I couldn’t find any clues to in the movie, it’s just an excuse to follow this crazy plot. But I’ve heard of crazier stories on the Mysterious Universe Podcast, stories of men being kidnapped and forced to play a wife role for a Yowie (Australian Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch) type of creature and that’s the tip of the iceberg of high strangeness.

While trying to get through the movie i felt that it was too long, the run time is actually quite short, an hour and only a few minutes, in reflection it turns out to be a fairly interesting story but one with a cheese hole plot. With just a bit more care and tenderness and some solid direction of the narrative it would weigh up a bit better and could have made the woods and creatures a stronger aspect of the movie.

I suppose I’d have to read the book(s) to get a full understanding of what’s going on…

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