Short Movie Roundup 7 March 2021


Grégory Papinutto’s neon horror feels like Climax with a hint of found footage and Argento’s Demons. A group of life long friends meet a night watchman for a local convent, who allows them to party, but when Diane wakes up the world around her is very different and filled with mutated monsters, can she fight her way to safety and survive the night?

It’s something that many seasoned horror fans will be able to predict, however the film never gives up in its attempts to keep its audience on edge. The gore and violence is quite palatable but it’s really impressive to see a film able to go from slasher to some kind of evil cerebral cat and mouse game. There’s a lot to love about the vivid stained glass look, almost as bright as a Bava. It’s not the only tip to the Giallo genre.

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