Short Movie Roundup 14 March 2021

A young emotional teenage girl, eager to be an actress and searching for someone to care about her, accidently falls into a trap when she takes up an offer from a stranger. He runs a unique website,, which is a cam service for men to watch women cry. Taking her new to unrealistic levels she does whatever she can get that authentic edge for her sessions including some self harm. But Alison-Eve Hammersley’s short film manages to avoid the Cam/Carrie tropes and elevates the narrative around anger issues and spooky monsters but there is a real message for anyone who may have forgotten what makes them special.

Mixing a vapor feel to the disturbing teen drama there’s a wonderful edge to the horror, but its the sexist attitudes which really brust life into this project, something which is really poignant this week filled with feminist issues that demand attention. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 14 March 2021