Love at 2nd Sight (2020)

Director: Adim Williams. Starring: Frederick Leonard, Peggy Ovire, Onny Micheal, Rita Arum, Philldella Yve, Adim Williams. .Nigeria. 5h +

Falling in love just might be the easy part in this explosive Nigeria classic, not only do a couple of friends both find the women of their dreams, they manage to lose them due to irrational reactions and lack of attention and empathy.

Frederick Leonard plays an attractive bachelor, who’s hooked up with an old flame and within months of reuniting they are getting married. The love is lost and all goes bad on the wedding night when his new bride wakes up, and before she’s got her faculties together and in a total daze, she’s asking to be paid for her nightly rate! Utterly shocked Frederick realises he’s married ex prostitute, disgusted and pained verbally beats the woman down, leaving her in their hotel suite with some cash, the message is clear, the arrangement is over. At her most vulnerable state her best friend also takes advantage of her and ashamed she moves on with her life.

Onny Micheal, plays the ultimate best friend who gets the boot by his ambitious girlfriend as he’s just not good enough for her and her rich daddies ambitions. The petty princess just wants more and more and he’s just not willing to jump high enough for her. Onny just wants a partner who’s willing to meet him halfway which seems to be a progressive idea in Nigeria. Despite his best efforts, he somehow manages to fall into the arms of a gold digger, the same girl who took advantage of the depressed bride… the plot thickens. Soon everyone begins to look at their original union with fond memories and attempts to make amends but does love at 2nd sight ever work out?

Some of the whimsical and adolescent behaviour really lends to a comedy edge in this romantic drama and is bound to entertain but the zest of the movie comes mostly from the ?, in his co-star role he manages to catalyst the movie when it drops off and his rich delicious moments really stand out from the chaos surrounding the main couple.

With an engrossing story that tumbles between love and hate, the film does offer a really really impressive production, the sound is spot on and there aren’t too many hiccups like some of the lower budget movies, the only complaint is that the sections took forever to come out but Covid has affected a lot of industries and Nollywood isn’t immune.

Rating: 6/10

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