Goodnight Mommy : Post Discussion

Please note this post discussion is a post discussion, therefore it’s full of spoilers it discloses information about the ENTIRE film (yes including the ending) and these following movies, Funny Games (1997), The Babadook (2014) . Persona (1966), The Visit (2015)

So if you’ve not seen them it’s probably better not to read on.. instead check out the non spoiler review here

Back in 2015 Goodnight Mommy started to terrify international audiences, but what could be so frightening about a drama about a family living in a ultra-modern home and to want for nothing? There are threads of terror and curiosity webbed across the debut from writer/director Severin Fiala’s successful art-house horror that spun the director into the realms of other great directions such as Michael Haneke as the everyday becomes dark and violent as with his Funny Games (1997) as the pair of films share a sadistic brutality often instigated by a pair of fresh-faced young men dressed in white.

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