Short Movie Roundup 28 March 2021


This took some time to warm up, but once it got the gears in motion it’s a pretty rough ride for an Australian family travelling across the country. After stopping at a gas station they believe their sons to be tucked up in bed in their caravan, not realising the whereabouts of both boys and the strange hitch hiker that may have snuck on board.

There’s a lot which isi sign posted and some hardcore horror fans will pick up on them straight away. But even with the hiccups, it’s still a well shot and interesting short from Nathan Lacey, that takes some of the more real darker fears from American road films and any parents’ nightmares.

The Poppet

I don’t want to break any young hearts here as this seems to be a labour of love, from a young director Megan Hobson. It’s a great idea, mixing Teenagers and Voodoo always works mix well for me with adolescent pent up rage, bullies and hormonal anger, what could go wrong? This home made short just didn’t tick any boxes with me, strange cuts, a random character in a cowboy hat, strange framing that totally cuts the heads off the characters, personally I prefer my killers to do that. Still with all the bad press, I think there’s a spark of creativity here that hopefully will only grow. Come back swinging Megan!

A Mothers Love

A terrifying short movie follows an episode in a mothers life, when, for some reason she simply can’t recognise her daughter? A manic episode? Dementia? of course not, this is a horror movie, it’s gotta be something much worse, and.. it is.

Jake Stark had really zoomed in on a twisted little set up, which brings together the best/worst aspects of gaslighting, torutre and reprogramming. It might be a mothers love but it’s daddy who has to look out for his little princess.. dammit I can only imagine that this kid will grow up to be a right little prom queen, Lola Stone anyone?

The brass elephant in the room

This arty horror piece is fairly open to interpretation but whatever you grasp from it, you’ll be certain not to have seen anything like it before. With its overemphasized audio, creaking doors that sound more like cracking bones, the gentle ballet movements of the cast, it’s sure that Junior Day & Eleanor Dolan are taking their viewers down a dark rabbit hole that only leads to a void.


Another lockdown film from budding director Destinee McCaster who struggles with something caught in her dream catcher. There are a few horror tropes like someone’s reflection not doing what you’d expect, but the overall feeling of doom and things not seeming “quite right” really lend to this captivating movie.


I feel if this was a big production from a few years ago it would have been made by Guillermo Del Toro and narrated by John Hurt… either way it has a fairytale/dark fantasy feeling about the story, of a little boy who battles an evil entity each night and his vile sister by day.

Dead painter

It took me a while to get this story, i think there’s a touch more style than substance to it, but in all fairness the style is something special indeed, this is the team which came through with another cracker 10 months ago, No Laundry after 10pm which had a heavier story and set up. But what they have managed to do with the Hole in the Wall Horror emblem is more than the bigger movies..

Have you ever heard of the Charnel Man?

Chiling folk legends cause havoc in a young man’s life as the world around him starts to warp and darken around him. Graphic detailed description of this gauntlet of gore and terror as this man tries to remember if he has ever heard of the charnel man, he can clearly remember the maggots, suicides and grit that surrounds him while he tries to piece together his memory though..

5 Strangest Dark Web Items that People Purchased!

Unboxing but dark web style leads to some really stressful and panicked moments. But in all fairness this is what you expect, if these people just opened up lucky bags then that would shock me more…. but keeping on the dark web theme…

A Man Microdosed Dark Web Brought Mushrooms…

Everything about this story just seems so wrong, ordering anything to consume off the dark web, on top of opening a bag of mushrooms that smell of almonds and not immediately knowing the dangers.. but it’s intriguing to see what happens to this unfortunate fellow..

Don’t Swim in the Sinkholes in Mexico

A simple holiday getaway takes a dark turn when underwater older entities ask for a special bargain, will a husband really make a bargain with this aquatic beast to save his wife, and what price would he be willing to pay. The monster in this feels like it would be Abe Sapien but after a meth addiction..

The Side Tunnel

This really does feel like a Ted The Caver sequel.. a group of friends going back into the darkness but one has a certain mission on his mind.. for revenge!

The Most Disturbing Tales of Crime Scene Cleaners

When I was little, like all the other sick teens I would spend hours on and all the other shocker websites checking out the photos that are about to be described in this episode from Radio TTS.

I work at a half priced Voodoo Shop

This story is just brilliant, I had to break it into two pieces so I could enjoy that little bit longer, and then I still just listened to it again. So basically the story is like the “old Curiosity Shop” tale, where people enter a shop and if they are dishonest or unsavory characters then bad luck and death befalls them… But Voodoo style. The story is told by the new assistant, who’s as much afraid of the shop and the owner and most people who come in. But with the promise of a free wish who wouldn’t want to try their luck.

Definitely want to hear more from this series.. it’s got some brilliant creepy characters from the undead owner and the thing in the basement..

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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