Short Movie Roundup 4 April 2021

The Stranger – Christmas Horror Short

A woman returning home to visit her mother for christmas after running out years ago discovers that she has a sister? She never had one before but alas there’s a blond bombshell living in her mothers home. Struggling to bond with her mother and work out where this stranger has come from the movie becomes bizarre and the poignant metaphors blend in. Is the stranger a crazy stranger who can hypnotise others and create fake memories within others or is she something else, life without the runaway daughter, a coping mechanism. AN entity created by the void of a missing daughter? You decide as you plunge into Katherine Postman’s intelligent well crafted short film.


A woman settling in for a night on her own finds herself hunted by a demonic force throughout her nighty intended for peace and relaxation. this well shot short movie from Kevin Harvey. has a lot of promise but for me not enough happens to keep the interest. It’s admirable that an almost silent movie can have this much character but, for me it just needed a little more oomph, maybe next time?

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