Short Movie Roundup 4 April 2021

The Stranger – Christmas Horror Short

A woman returning home to visit her mother for christmas after running out years ago discovers that she has a sister? She never had one before but alas there’s a blond bombshell living in her mothers home. Struggling to bond with her mother and work out where this stranger has come from the movie becomes bizarre and the poignant metaphors blend in. Is the stranger a crazy stranger who can hypnotise others and create fake memories within others or is she something else, life without the runaway daughter, a coping mechanism. AN entity created by the void of a missing daughter? You decide as you plunge into Katherine Postman’s intelligent well crafted short film.


A woman settling in for a night on her own finds herself hunted by a demonic force throughout her nighty intended for peace and relaxation. this well shot short movie from Kevin Harvey. has a lot of promise but for me not enough happens to keep the interest. It’s admirable that an almost silent movie can have this much character but, for me it just needed a little more oomph, maybe next time?

The House Guest

When a woman opens up to her best friend about her nightly attacks from a strange entity in her home, they call in a couple of professional but incredibly playful paranormal experts to communicate with the spirit and get to the bottom of the problem, but when faced with the truth will the young girl pay attention to the warnings? A stunning award winning movie from David Walton Smith. It’s not entirely flawless but the acting is supremely natural and for this small scale project it does have a culture aesthetic. I would definitely like to see these investigators in future movies.

The Wake

A trio of sisters attempt a tarot reading and find a set of harrowing messages from their dead father.. unfortunately he wasn’t the kind loving father that a lot of us are used to. Lauren Brown’s spectacular moody story of occult mystery and death really gets under the skin and twists like a knife.

Death comes twice

Set in the year 2055CE this amazing experimental cyberpunk epic is a 2018 film from David Koenig, The meistro that made the top movies of 2020 which you can view here. In this dystopian future the world has crumbled and the government has a series of assassins known ad Black who in this film is hunting down White, but why? When you work out the mechanics of this daunting thriller you’ll be knee deep in aesthetics that takes you back to Terminator and Blade Runner.

Bella Koenig stars as both hunter and hunted in this world full of dualities, mystery and death. Filled with a sensational electro soundtrack and David’s brilliant unique mastery behind the camera opens up the doors to the imagination. Doesn’t his raw talent just make you want to pick up a camera and make a movie!

The Loch Ness Monster Ate My Wife – Doctor Gallow

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the loch again, Doctor Gallow and friends are here to remind you how dangerous everything is.. everything!! tune in and freak out my friends as this monstrous tale is told you in a damned near perfect production. I have to admit that I am really loving how this channel is growing!!

My Dad left Me His Tape Collection.

Lighthouse Horror is easily becoming one of my favourite channels. I adore the choice of stories, they are always a great length to build tension and develop characters. This one was written by u/archie_sunshine and follows the life of a young man who’s gifted some cassette tapes which feature terrifying stories told by the people who survived devastating paranormal events. The reason why his grandpa has these tapes and what they equate to will chill you.

The Disappearance of Elisa Lam

This story seems to have raised its scary head once again, with many Youtubers picking up on the New Discovery Plus documentary on the matter. The Armchair crew are also on board, but after all the regurgitated news, the Casual Criminlist have dug up some newish info and offer a lot more to think about with their brand of intellectual commentary.

Fermi’s Hourglass

Written by Madotsuki In Nexus this story is dark, depressing and utterly beautiful. A sci-fi piece that sees a new species of really cute world destroyers enter our system.. Can we ever stop them? Not that the story isn’t totally creepy but it also harbours a foreboding dark reality for one man who, while trapped in space might not have a home to return to…Zombie Astronaut all over again!

Lorenzo Gilyard The Trash Collector – Serial Killer documentary

I’m sharing this story as it’s a perfect example of a serial killer who nearly got away…

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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