Short Movie Roundup 2 May 2021

Tooth Fairy

There Will Be Blood Meets The Shining, this ingenious blend of 1800’s gold rush and the deeper psychological lust for riches is cryptic and beautiful. The film centres on two men who are prospecting, but with little to show for their hard work, under the pounding heat the long days and lonely nights send one of them on an inward spiral of insanity after finding a tooth with a gold filling. Is he being led by an otherworldly entity who pays for teeth with gold?

Tyler Glodt‘s lavish movie is really stunning with how authentic it looks and feels, from the costumes to the bloody encounters, the wild soundtrack of scratching strings really sets the scene for the nightly encounters of the bloody kind. There’s a strange off key atmosphere which never lets the audience settle into the movie, it’s semi rough and keeps you in an awkward unsettled place. Really wonderful work.

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