Short Movie Roundup 2 May 2021

Tooth Fairy

There Will Be Blood Meets The Shining, this ingenious blend of 1800’s gold rush and the deeper psychological lust for riches is cryptic and beautiful. The film centres on two men who are prospecting, but with little to show for their hard work, under the pounding heat the long days and lonely nights send one of them on an inward spiral of insanity after finding a tooth with a gold filling. Is he being led by an otherworldly entity who pays for teeth with gold?

Tyler Glodt‘s lavish movie is really stunning with how authentic it looks and feels, from the costumes to the bloody encounters, the wild soundtrack of scratching strings really sets the scene for the nightly encounters of the bloody kind. There’s a strange off key atmosphere which never lets the audience settle into the movie, it’s semi rough and keeps you in an awkward unsettled place. Really wonderful work.


A man brings a woman back to his home, after meeting that night she appears impressed by his lavish home and it seems a night of romance is on the cards, the only thing out of the ordinary is that a window is left open but it’s not due to a stranger’s touch…

Sometimes it’s impossible to shake off an ex’s touch, a relationship where one person is clinging on is never really over and this is the pushing drive in Peter Huang’s scary film. On the surface nothing would be considered as “off” or wrong but the wealth of emotions and violence brimming under the surface is paramount. It’s commendable how he heals with the actual violence, it doesn’t always need to be seen to have a deeper effect and he has a knack of allowing the audience


Another made at home due to Covid effort and dayum i’m glad Sam Davison did! It’s a pretty simple set up and filmed on an iPhone but.. don’t let that put you off.

A man is a home studying when his en suit seems to be having some issue with the door and lights. Now if this ever happens to me then I’m just setting my house on fire and jumping out the window.

It’s beautifully framed and set up, the lighting, and camera work is really cleverly worked out. Allowing for some tension to build up and drawing the audience’s eye into the scary elements, it’s simple and such a good start, I hope Sam continues to build up what he started here.


A woman returns home and after turning on her TV she realises that some things are up when the TV just shows her watching it!? Thinking that her friends have set up some kind of streaming she’s a bit peeved but it’s not the strange feed that she has to worry about.. after switching off the TV something else makes itself known.

There’s a lot of creepy build up in this intrepid journey, all set up but director Will Lee. The final few minutes of the film will leave you totally creeped out, what is the creature, and who’s body is in the back room. you literally have to check every scene to really put the story together but dayum there’s a lot here but it ALL works.

Spooky Weight Loss Machine – Exchange Fat for Money

This is a bit more of a Yami Shibai effort with action scripting styled animations that tells the story of an unhappy fat woman who finds a mystical machine which exchanges her fat for cash, what more could anyone want, shifting their weight and getting paid for it!?

Things aren’t as simple as any horror fan would initially assume, but there’s a nasty twist in this movie which is always a blessing when a story goes above and beyond to scare it’s fans.

Where Blood Lies

This was rightly picked up by the Abertoir film festival among others for its outstanding efforts. Directed by Byron Q this film is expertly shot and cleverly paced. The uniforms and dress look really authentic to me but I’m not expert) and this level of a detail shows just how much effort has gone into the movie. This isn’t Byron’s first rodeo, but you might recognise some of this other movies under this other professional name of Byron Chan.

Where Blood Lies is such a dark tale, opening with a group of Nazi’s displaying their typical asshole behaviour by imtindating a small group of romanian locals, they are really searching for Vampires to slay. One man, after many threats, offers to take them to the location of the monsters, but there’s a sting in the tale.

Hopefully after so many years of picturesque and memorable work Byron will get onto some bigger films and breath more life into his shorts like this.

Your Skin

Inspired by the Frank Sinatra song, this film, created by David R Westphal, is also accompanied by the song and assures that no animals were harmed in it’s making, what animals were involved.. a likkle meowing cat..

So a woman is all set to enjoy a lovely hot shower when she has an unexpected visitor, but luckily they are influenced by the soothing tones of Frank and the encounter is cut short..

Filmed on an iPhone the phone is quite elaborate, using unusual angles and being filmed through glasses of water and using skewered reflections it’s quite experimental and a joy to just watch, the creepy undertones and chilling warnings are a bonus.

Louis Wain – Art and Schizophrenia

You’ve probably seen some of Wain’s prints before, probably on your nan’s walls or in a quaint coffee shop but this detailed look into the mind behind the art is chilling. Watching the kitty characters change through Wain’s battles with schizophrenia illustrates how much the disease affects perception and possibly helps others get a glimpse of what it’s like for sufferers?

A TikToker chugged 8 Scoops PreWorkout Supplement. This is what happened to his brain

Chubby Emu back with the story of a man who made a terrible mistake! I know this isn’t something unusual for the channel but I did certainly learn someting new through this unfortuante and very dumb mistake.

So after chugging some dry scoops the tiktoker then swallows a few more scoops with water then attempts to work out but ends up in the ER. Now the kicker is that all pre workouts and supplements suggest that you see a doctor before taking them, the reason? Well it’s because no one really understands what they are going to do to you, so taking and mixing supplements is pretty dangerous… like more dangerous than I ever imagined and I was part of these scenes for a few years.. eek!

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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