Short Movie Roundup 16 May 2021


Ashton Herrild successfully manages to unwrap a cracking story in his darkly comedic short that sees a young man, now exonerated, attempt to settle into his old life, but things are that simple. The youngster was accused of killing and eating his mother, now a strict vegan , he settles into a diner seat to have lunch with his brother but he’s still under suspicion from the entire town, including his remaining family but it’s a new secret addition to the diners burgers which may hold the key as to what’s going on and it’s a resolution which is bound to cringe you out and make you smile at the same time.

There’s a brilliant vibeance to the way in which Herrild reveals the story, as it slips in and out of reality, we begin to lose perception of what’s real along with the poor lead who’s struggling to grasp what’s happened to the place that he calls home. But it’s not confusing, instead it’s ridiculous and filled with Evil Dead style giggles. It’s a layered movie, mixing shocks and laughs as the vile conclusion is slowly dealt out, but even after the reveal you’re left wanting more and I can only hope that Herrild swings back with another movie soon as this is really great stuff.

Coming to Light

This movie does come with a CONTENT WARNING, and may Trigger a few viewers, so if you’ve experienced any type of sexual abuse then this might be something you’d like to skip, if you feel you need someone to help then check out this link

For everyone else, step inside Hector Bell’s ingenious short which illuminates the life of a victim who has strangely made some peace/friendship with a personified version of the hurt the abuse left behind.

A 20 something year old man returns home from work, avoiding his friends’ invites to go out. He’d prefer to be home, but there’s something dark and demonic looking creeping around his home, moments before the entity is about to touch him, he turns and looks at it. “oh it’s you” and he gets back to surfing the web. This moment is so utterly powerful and it really removes the layers of protection that a lot of people may have as a victim, and it will help those who haven’t suffered to maybe begin to understand. but don’t let this movie only live in the realm of abuse, this type of coping mechanism is relevant to any type of healing but it’s so upsetting to see it played out here.

As the movie progresses it begins to deliver some comfort as the man does eventually begin to heal when his friends come into work and offer him some news, but until that moment you’ll be on edge as this young innocent guy struggles on each minute of every day with this constant dark shadow plaguing him.

Smiling Woman 2

I covered the Smiling Woman in a previous post ( but I didn’t know that the story continues! Like a “round” the curse of the smiling woman is passed from woman to woman and the last victim now heads out with her own yellow dress to stalk another lonely female.

Despite the fact that we may have seen something similar before Alex Magaña manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with clever angles and off key timing. It seems he has a lot of ideas to try and continues to do so with part 3 below which has new shocks and scares, do you think this might be enough

Smiling Woman 3


This is a movie which I can really get behind. What starts as a pretty peaceful drama about a woman who’s getting ready to go out, she’s been invited to her bestie’s bridal shower and has to look her best, her blondies cooked and wrapped in her gift. While the tasks are pretty simple there’s something disturbing going on in her body, a bruise on her arm, bleeding and black vomit seems to not phase her as much as it should. It’s a battle she’s faced before, it’s something she faces a lot when she’s invited to go out.

The giant malevolent creature inside of her raises its ugly head time and time again, growing and churning around in her body, but this creature is just another daily case of anxiety and it’s the same thing I go through constantly.. welcome to my world!

Spencer Ryerson really captures the chilling doubts and unexplainable terrors so well with this guy creature, the level of understanding is jaw dropping.

Don’t Answer the Phone

Austin Mabe and Joshua Anderson have curated a gory slasher which continues to writhe and shift pace. Late at night a woman is ready to settle in and have a great relaxing evening, however a masked stalker has other plans for her, but first she has to answer the phone.

It seems heavily influenced by the retro classics, even pulling some inspo from those wonderfully long titles Don’t Go Into the House or Don’t Look in the Basement, along with the atmosphere and soundtrack there’s a strange nostalgia connected with the film.

Flat No. 12

Hindi horror, directed by Amol Ambhore, the movie follows a group of friends as they settle into Flat No. 12. It’s an interesting movie, there is a loose story to behold but it’s patched together in a strange way. Maybe I’m just not part of the mood? A scene will open, something paranormal will happen, the scene closes. I’m not sure what kind of homes these guys come from but usually when scar shit happens you tell someone or move. Either way the story slowly reveals itself and there’s one more kicker to close the show.

It’s not as exciting as it could have been, but a bad word can’t be said about the special effects, they are so clever at times and really highlight what can be done with a vivid imagination.

Never Tear US Apart

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the woods again… it ain’t.

Wanting to return to the wilderness to visit his grandparents, an estranged man and his best friend, head into the forest armed with gifts but when he sees what the grand rents are prepping for dinner he runs for his life..but.. they are family!?

Sid Zanforlin’s backwoods cannibal slasher is easily a 420 version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there’s a dash of slick comedy but for me the winning moment is the epic beheading!! damn that’s better than a lot of big budget movies.

Three Brand New Creepypastas

The Doctor is back with a slightly longer video and it’s glorious. Offers brand new stories, inspired by the classic anthologies.

Chilling True Horror Stories

What scares the Doctor? Check this video out and find out!

Behind the Curtain

I Played a Text-Based Adventure game on the dark web

There are a lot of creepy stories about the dark web, some are fiction and the really unnerving ones are filled with facts. This creepypasta I hope isn’t secretly based on facts as it’s utterly disturbing and casts it’s listener into a sadomasochistic well of no return, a really interesting choice from The Dark Somnium.

This message ruined his life

I’m kinda returning to the joys of MrBallen, who’s channel has grown significantly since I last checked in, so well done! This is a classic reason why his channel is so well loved.

I had never heard of this heartbreaking story, which follows a technical error which destroyed a family. This is a chilling warning to anyone who’s willing to gamble their money on the stock market, which is something that a lot of apps seem to offer an experience in. Amped up with a safety net and lots of promises, but the cold hard fact is that this dangerous game is really something you need to be fully experienced and tutored before chucking your money into.

The Spooky Mirror

I’ve really been getting into these Yami stories, voiced by the delightful Johan. This episode sees a girl deal with some school bullies using a magic mirror.

Set in a sea side resort this terrifying tale that involves a gypsy woman with a strange latent.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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