Short Movie Roundup 23 May 2021

Unfortunately it’s going to be a short list this week, there’s been so many extra hours at work and a million hours of babysitting and something has to give 😦 unfortunately it seems to be the two things that keep me going.. movies and art. But I do what I can.

Cursed Camera

Hunter Farris has conjured up a quirky haunted camera story. In this humorous horror, any person caught in this cryptic cameras view has to stay in it’s view to stay alive. It’s good to know this before you start making a movie, unfortunately this information comes too late and the latest crew start dropping like flies.

It’s definitely a different take in the subgenre of haunted media, but there’s a dedication to making, and the film feels professional and the touch of humor helps those who try to take their horror too seriously, to step back and enjoy a movie for it’s merits. Definitely worth watching this uncomplicated but effective short with tons of character, the Exorcist meets Ghost Camera.

Red Water

Luke Konopasky has set his chilling movie to a soundtrack of Roy Orbison’s crooning and it accompanies the movie perfectly. A woman, home alone is struggling with breaking up with her boyfriend, has more immediate issues, with her water and faucet . After calling a plumber a random guy turns up on her doorstep, but soon after the real repair man turns up, who and where is the stranger?

This movie has a really professional look and feel, there are some smart choices when made when it comes to cameras hovering over the shoulder of a stalker and filming a victim as well as lengthening corridors and helping to divert the eye of a clued up audience. But kudos goes to having a leading lady who doesn’t spend more of her time screaming than acting.

Goodnight Darling

A horror film that describes that moment when we realise our parents aren’t the people we thought they were, directed by Adam Azimov and featuring some really detailed subdued cinematography, the movie’s carefully laid out plot happens in the twilight darkness of a family home.

But what do you do when your parents/guardians begin to act strange in the family home? When the home isn’t safe then where can you hide? The build up to this film really puts the viewer at ease and the gripping twist is an unbelievable kick.

Channel 39

Haunted and Cursed TV channels used to take up a lot of space on Creepy Pasta channels but lately I don’t see so many, hopefully the brilliant job done by Romain Gierenz in this terror filled short will help revive the subgenre.

When a woman stumbles on a random channel, number 39 no doubt, which only has morse code as a title, she begins to notice that the show is a display of her bathroom, causing some shock she begins to investigate.

It’s a pretty creepy set up and I adore this unnerving apartment thrillers, especially with the dark aspect of the ending of this never ending nightmare. A lot of talent and imagination has gone into the backstory and production.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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