Short Movie Roundup 30 May 2021

Future Boyfriend

A cheeky comedy sci-fi piece that looks at time travel and falling in love much like the bizarre romances in Terminator or What We Do in the Shadows.. A couple settle down for a romantic meal but he’s being incredibly odd, announcing to his date that he bag is on her chair and cutting up her food, she’s a bit nervous but is super keen on their relationship.

Ben Rock has a unique ability to really zoom in on this couple and their unique meal as the gent opens up about him background, he’s a career in a state funded nursing home and has looked after the aged woman and fallen in love with her, taking a one way ticket into the past to date the younger her..

Nothing can really be more romantic. But in all honesty he knows every detail of her future self, and seems to love her endlessly but this is all too much and his date walks away, but this isn’t the end. Even his 50+G phone support can’t console him ha ha! Future Boyfriend is a chuckling look into the endless possibility if we ever master time travel.

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