Short Movie Roundup 6 June 2021

Short Movie Roundup 6 June 2021

Sadly I ran out of time to get a wider reaching list together but I’ve cobbled together a handful of themed shorts this week.. The theme is HP Lovecraft and I have to point out that while I understand the importance of HPLovecraft and his position in Horror history I can’t ignore the fact he was a disgusting racist and his work leaves a horrible taste in the mouth, but he started a mythos, a mood and theme of horror that has been built on and while the bigotry only slightly trickled into this work it’s worth noting that Right Wing groups still like to idolise the whitewashing that HPL called for and therefore it’s daunting creeping into his world with blind eyes.

With that said, and I will always add my distance from the man’s attitude, these delightful shorts show how the Cthulhu mythos and worlds of unknown horrors have eventually brought people together to be puzzled over and discussed.

The Teeth of the Stars

Originally crafted in 2009 and remastered in 2020, this delightful short movie seems to have a few issues in synching but otherwise it’s a really intriguing effort. Dropping the names of Redhook, Lovecraft and mentioning Stars in the first few minutes the atmosphere is correctly set.

There are distinct Carpenter influences, in both the heavy synth soundtrack and palette in the making of this Lovecraft inspired short. A man searches for many questions in a timeline that is constantly shifting. While trying to work out why the universe is gaslighting him, he’s hot on the heels of the mystery surrounding an elusive Lovecraftian character.

Without monsters, gore or crazy special effects a chilling cerebral tale unfolds as Mark MacFarlane directs his team into an untold madness.

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