Short Movie Roundup 6 June 2021

Short Movie Roundup 6 June 2021

Sadly I ran out of time to get a wider reaching list together but I’ve cobbled together a handful of themed shorts this week.. The theme is HP Lovecraft and I have to point out that while I understand the importance of HPLovecraft and his position in Horror history I can’t ignore the fact he was a disgusting racist and his work leaves a horrible taste in the mouth, but he started a mythos, a mood and theme of horror that has been built on and while the bigotry only slightly trickled into this work it’s worth noting that Right Wing groups still like to idolise the whitewashing that HPL called for and therefore it’s daunting creeping into his world with blind eyes.

With that said, and I will always add my distance from the man’s attitude, these delightful shorts show how the Cthulhu mythos and worlds of unknown horrors have eventually brought people together to be puzzled over and discussed.

The Teeth of the Stars

Originally crafted in 2009 and remastered in 2020, this delightful short movie seems to have a few issues in synching but otherwise it’s a really intriguing effort. Dropping the names of Redhook, Lovecraft and mentioning Stars in the first few minutes the atmosphere is correctly set.

There are distinct Carpenter influences, in both the heavy synth soundtrack and palette in the making of this Lovecraft inspired short. A man searches for many questions in a timeline that is constantly shifting. While trying to work out why the universe is gaslighting him, he’s hot on the heels of the mystery surrounding an elusive Lovecraftian character.

Without monsters, gore or crazy special effects a chilling cerebral tale unfolds as Mark MacFarlane directs his team into an untold madness.

Quiet Season

This is the sequel to Teeth of the Stars, Professor Redhook has returned to his hometown, lurking around a guest house, something that attaches itself to the man wreaking havoc in his temporary residence.

The feisty landlady who thinks she recognises the shady man is the one to take the brunt of the man’s darkness and is attacked by something in the darkness leading to one of the more active monster scenes but otherwise it’s another booming Carpenter styled soundtrack enhancing a really creepy psychological thriller.

It’s interesting to see October Fifteen grow as a team, developing more enticing movies as they find their footing and style. I hope they continue and grow. There’s an unlimited expanse of unknown horrors to explore and they have a Mark MacFarlands stylish direction to point them into the tastier parts of the unknown.

The Deep Ones

Originally shot in 2013 this HPL inspired short, directed by Simo Paulakoski has inspired other directions due to its minimal and effect style. A man, Adam has a yearly sacrifice to make to the old ones. With a gentle yet sinister narration about Adam and his plight, the actual filming is both emotive and surreal, connecting the two creates a really atmospheric and disturbing story

The Deep End

Daniel Johansson was inspired by Simo Paulakoski’s short The Deep ones, so much so he made a sequel! It features a lot of the same voices and actors from the first but is enhanced by the addition of another vibrant victim.

One thing I have noticed in a lot of modern horror artwork is that there’s been an influx of characters wearing yellow rain jackets, and now they seem to signal “scary shit coming soon” so when the fisherman turns up wearing a distinct yellow jacket against the otherwise blue palette of the movie it’s a sign that something horrible is around the corner.

A lot can be said about Johnsson’s palette, there’s a constant underwater theme running through the main character Harold, a fishman caught up in an evil pact, there’s usually some form of water reflecting on his face, even when he’s alone and home. The use of colour is really symbolic, evil characters wear black, the brightness of love is shown in the warm yellow hues.

With the re-appearance of Adam from the first movie, it seems he beguiled another soul to help him capture souls for the ones who dwell in the deep waters and this time we get to see a glimpse of what is hidden deep.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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