Site 1 (2018)

Director: Matias Page
Starring: Matias Page. UK/USA. 1h 13m

How far can one man go into different realms before he literally finds himself? Site 1 unwraps with Matthews Phillips (Page), arriving at a secret location with a set of specific rules flashing up on the screen, his attempt to take part in a curious experiment. His personal intention is to discover the whereabouts of his brother who “went in before him”. While adhering to the rules Phillips ends up performing an elaborate ritual, but what is the aim and what is he letting himself into? After entering the home he finds a recorder, which alludes to more serious instructions which allude to a break in reality and the need to adhere to certain constraints in order not to slip through the crack himself.

What seems like a modern tale of a person entering the fairy realm, he can’t let anyone touch him or eat any of the food, other than what he’s brought with him. There’s no way he could have prepared himself for what he’s about to encounter as reality slips and withers around him and he encounters a void staring back at him.

Can one single person make a movie with zero money??? That was the challenge I decided to face. This movie is the result.

It has to be realised that everything in this film was single handily done by Page, and this project is a very strange film, which appears to have been meticulously set up and executed. Being a total one man project there are some limitations to the filming that can’t be helped, it’s hard to track yourself moving across the room, and there’s a few prop issues but overall Site 1 is a very vibrant, striking film. As the plot unrolls, much like A Dark Song, with step by step instructions of an esoteric ritual, Phillips beings to find clues to what happened to his brother but is also being stalked and with extraordinary talents in a creepy textured soundtrack, alarming angles and a bit of lighting wizardry.

Page really throws his audience into a creepy upsetting environment. It’s incredibly hard to just sit back and relax into the movie as it’s constantly jolting you into somewhere unnerving, holding onto so much tension as cloaked figures move around and noises are heard coming from the darkness, before whipping away the characters to another realm and then it does it all over again. With heavy tones of paranormal activity, a cloaked figure in a house filled with ancient artifacts, there’s a lot to read into the movie.

“Brandon will be stuck in there, but I will have to fence off Site 1 keep it isolated forever”

-unknown voice on recorded instructions

You can generally find Page on twitter plugging his fitness bible more than his movie making which is a shame for the art world but who knows you might be able to shift some pounds and get some abs with his lifestyle advice? Maybe one day he’ll return back to his distinctive film making and take his audience back into the void kicking and screaming.


Rating 3/10
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