Short Movie Roundup 20 June 2021

Hello and welcome to a new Short Sunday list! I’ve been trying to find ways to catch up with my ever growing short movie list and I might have cracked it. Despite the many hours catching up with the Euro 2020 matches, my terribly intensive movie schedule I have managed to watch a handful of short movies also! And I’m delighted to say I’ve added in a lot of stop motion and claymation this week.

Inside the Human Lab – Claymation

I’ve still got my soft spot for Claymation and Stop Motion and I was uber happy to find this amazing channel, Joe Blandamer Claymations. This 3 minutes escapade investigates a vivisection lab, but with the tables turned and the animals, in this case an evil Mr Chimes is testing on a dim human, despite being a peta wet dream, it’s creative, moody and gory, what a delight.

Inside the Human lab 2

I should have seen this one coming, the return to the lab now features a rabbit doctor!! see if you can hold out for more squeamish fun and games.

Paint me in the Opera House

A haunted guest house is where Leaf Lieber has decided to centre his spooky story. The property used to be an opera house and it seems some of the older inhabitants refuse to leave. While plaguing the newest bus boy they also have a habit of collecting the souls of visitors. This all comes to the surface when a detetive being searching for a missing girl ane begins to question everything in the dreamy history glazed aura of the building and it’s curious inhabitants.

While I struggled with the slow pace and arty nature of the film, it comes together so brilliantly, with superb acting, a short opera/ballet show and a offputting mark ato spehr, it’s something to immerse yourself into for a few brief minutes


There’s a briefcase being held in a heavily armed fortress and a team of crack specialities are intent to retrieve the case. This tense sige is directed by Alex Horton and once you get to the end you’ll get a different kick out of the short. It’s easy to dismiss the action as amaeture, it will all make sense why in the end, give it time it’s double the reward.


From the title it’s no surprise where this frightful black and white stop motion movie got its inspiration, a young hungry boy searching for food, finds a toe to eat.. If you haven’t read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, this might not be making any sense to you but for those who know.. The results of this intensive hard work is a bleak and bitter film that carries with it a Quay Esque insanity and ultimate terrifying moods. Chad Thurman & Neal O’Bryan have really proven themselves.

Liver and Fava Bean from Horor Things

This movie is promoted as being ASMR, it’s also in 4K and it’s a stop motion cooking epic. But Dat Pham has really created a homage to one of the greatest horror/thrillers of our time and somehow turned it into a darkly humorous cooking show.

I’m sure you’ve seen the short movies where people are making food from casino dice and chips etc, it’s in a similar vein to that but surrounding a man imprisoned in a cell, dreaming of Clarisce Starling and reading a Thomas Harris novel, but this is only the first chapter of a few similar shorts, see if you can guess the other stories.

Pennywise Vs Jason Voorhees Stop Motion

I’m not sure how much detail I really need to go into here, the title is pretty self explanatory.. deffo a fan made movie for fans, that is possibly better than any feature will be. Great work from AdeptGrimlock.

Making a Lamprey Steak

This is another stop motion cooking short, I had to include this humdinger for anyone who suffers from Trypophobia, cos I like to include everyone.


A child psychologist attempts to connect with a small boy but accidentally unleashes his imaginary friends in the process. After her quiet little chat with the youngster who’s avidly drawing his friends, a giant bear and clown with broken glass and razors for fingers, the psychology team attempts to sedate him but encounter the full wrath of the (not so) cuddly friends.

It’s epic in every way and I’d like to see a sequel, the charming little fella with his pinchable cheeks accompanied by two psychotic killer best friends. The movie exerts an eerie grip, with echoes of dark comedy, Raimi and Barker, but is utterly distinctive: a vision of a child’s mental playground gone wrong.Justin Staggs is one to watch.


1 of these can end your life

I’ve been totally addicted to Mr Allen’s channel lately. This is one of the more recent videos which displays Ballen at his best. In older videos he’ll explain his process, but basically he researches creepy and unexplained stories and retells them like a pro. Unlike a lot of other channels he’s really immersed in the story and has a majestic way. Even with stories I’ve heard before, I can easily sit back and enjoy hearing them again… so check out this video relating to a drug we’ve all taken before…

The Priest Who Faked curing Cancer for Fame | The Ballad of Braco

Totally pointless TV is still finding snake oil merchants to expose for their hilariously insane claims. This one is related to a Crotaian healer who claims his stare will cure anything/everything.. and somehow people were buying into this shit.. Maybe his vow of silence has something to do with not answering his claims.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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