Short Movie Roundup 4th July 2021

Technically this list should be about freedom as its the 4th of July a holiday that gets pushed aside more and more each year as we learn about what real freedom means… So I have just done my regular mix of Youtube and riveting shot movies…


Libby sells charms and spells to drug runners and dealers, her unique magical charms work in a similar way as Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo, she allows them to know which deals are dodgy and how to traffic, however it all goes awry when her sister turns up on her doorstep, proving that the witch has to look to her past before she can move on.

Harry Baker keeps his camera active as it follows Libber and her two helpers, it feels like a Found Footage movie as he bounces around rooms and hovers over shoulders. You’ll often find yourself holding a pensive breath as the tension rises through Libbiy’s spell crafting and once her sister makes an appearance and Libby begins to lose control over her powers there’s an epic shift in mood. The Sisters’ warning changes the soundtrack from new age to techno, the cool blue hues shift to a violent seedy red and the film ends with a bang.

It’s not clear what Harry  is trying to suggest magic has done to this girl but it’s clear that she’s been through some kind of trauma and is spiraling in and out of control. What a brilliant character study and terrible journey.

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