Spotlight – Hugh Jackman

So I set myself challenge. List 5 awesome Huge Jackman movies and don’t mention any Marvel films..

01.Van Helsing (2004)

The framed monster hunter returns for some kind of gothic steampunk revival, looking and feeling much like another Underworld movie, the movie co stars Kate Beckinsale and features Richard Roxburgh as an unusual choice for Count Dracula but one that surprisingly works so well. Strangely the movie works on some levels. With comedy buffering each scare the movie was always aimed at being a family favourite and the cast get full marks for managing to keep a straight face through half of the ridiculous antics. Otherwise it is a fun and enjoyable adventure.

02.The Fountain (2006)

Possibly Hugh’s biggest challenge (to the date of the film) Starring as 3 characters (but kinda the same character in a different age, ancient, present and futuristic)  each having to deal with morality and love in Darren Aronofsky’s surreal mind bending adventure, Tomas/Tommy and Tom Creo (Jackman) struggles to keep his eternal lover alive, in the modern day as a scientist, but also in the past and future he struggles through time and space, with the same issue . A difficult but hauntingly beautiful story illuminated by Jackman’s attempt to stage act on screen.

My agent said to me five years ago, ‘Hugh, I can see one day you… if I had to plan a goal for you, it’s for you to have the kind of career that Sinatra had.

-Hugh Jackman

03. The Prestige (2006)

In the same year as the Fountain he managed to crack out one of my favourite films with him in a leading role, a movie which doubles up as the only Christopher Nolan movie I can re-watch, the Prestige has so much going for it! Two stage magicians fight over who is the best and one of their wies loses her life during one of their battles leading to an even bigger and deadly rift between them. Jackman plays Robert Angier  who puts his anger and wits against rival Alfred Borden (Christian Bale)  Jackman  does a lot of that intense screaming that he likes to do but it’s his quiet moments when he acts and digs deep into a hurt and vengeful man, it’s quite gripping at times.

04. Prisoners (2013)

A truly mysterious and gripping thriller, Prisoners opens up as an already powerful drama about a couple of children who are snatched from their home, however, French Candian director Denis Willeneuve, who brought us the mind bending Enemy (2013), won’t ever let a movie sit in one reality and really brings his A game with this gripping film and begins to edge in some surreal and strange content but it all works within the constraints of a history of abducted and abused children become involved in the case filled with choices and their resulting consequences. Jackman plays Keller Dover, the father of one of the missing children that goes all Taken on case, finding a culprit and at one moment beating himself while tied to a sink in an abandoned house, his rage and psychotic really drives a grey streak through the movie which is an excellent harsh edge.

05. Erskineville Kings (1999)

A sign of early brilliance from Hugh as he blasts onto the screen in an emotionally charged gritty drama. His younger brother is the focal point of the movie, having returned home after fleeing his abusive father, leaving his brothers to deal with his violence and slow demise. He is expecting mixed emotions but things seem a little too rough, there’s a deep secret into what happened in his absence and Wace (Jackman) is the turning point in the movie which only picks up after he enters the narrative.

So I managed not to mention any Marvel movies! Which movies would you choose to shine the spotlight on? Tweet me with your ideas!

AOFA Spotlight on Hugh Jackman – I would choose..

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One thought on “Spotlight – Hugh Jackman”

  1. My wife and I saw him live at The Hollywood Bowl in 2019 – what a performer! I’m glad you included “Prisoners” as it’s a gripping thriller that he is terrific in…and of course, the pop culture phenomenon known as “The Greatest Showman” proves that he can really carry a film!

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