Post Discussion: Chemical Peel

I assume you’ve watched the movie.. so let’s talk! But if you haven’t, check out my spoiler free review here and check out the film, and then let’s talk.. 

The film revolves around a group of women who have gathered at a remote cabin to celebrate together, one of them is getting married, unfortunately she’s a self centered bitch and it’s clear that she still blames her cousins for an unfortunate car accident which caused the death of a mutual friend. The morning after their first night of partying the women awake to an unusual fog surrounding their cabin, with news stories about a strange chemical spill the soon realise they are in the mix of deadly chemicals. With help on the way the woman struggles to get along and then has to struggle to survive the apocalypse happening just outside the window.

Chemical Spill 

I always wondered what the chemicals were supposed to be for, a real nerve agent that split during transit or just a mix with unfortunate side effects, it’s not really that important but it would be interesting to know in the end. All that we need to know is that the corporations behind the accident are nothing more than greedy nasty men in suits who get paid more than other mortals and are probably part of the Illuminati. The Director, Hank Braxtan, really likes the idea that greedy covert operations are behind the biggest environmental disasters, in a later movie Maneater/Unnatural there’s a similar shade company who are mutating Polar bears and god knows they are doing other questionable experiments in the arctic regions. It would have been really awesome if this was the same evil global company and they could have expanded this into a series of their wrong doings. 


Part way through the movie, after the girls have worked out what’s happening and have been battling the side effects of the evil fog, they encounter a guy who breaks in looking for a meal, he’s also on the same page as the girls, working out that you need to keep dry when you’re in the fog etc etc. 

His addition was really interesting, the point being that people try to plan to survive a range of world ending events but this isn’t something that anyone can plan for, if you have a set up for a random unpredictable chemical spill then you are special and I salute you. And for him to die in such a horrible accident is so unfortunate, and again something you can’t plan for, who  was to know that one of the girls was going to be so unstable but it’s uncanny how the girls slaughter all the men who they come into contact with but in all fairness they are happy to slaughter each other too.. 

Why Women Only?

I don’t see the film as being a feminist statement but it’s interesting to have an all female mix rather than the typical group of college kids. They are all pretty competent in their own ways, and when they all start laying down some punches it gets really violent real quick. There is an interesting notion that suggests it would be a bigger challenge for the girls to survive but this isn’t a matter of strength being the key to overcoming the toxic spill and it’s purely a matter of smarts. So maybe it’s just a random factor of the movie?

The Ending

I’ll start from the point when the girls go into the basement, after the crazy Wednesday Addams chick decides to kill herself by smashing open the window with the radio. After finding some safety in the basement they start to fight over the events in the opening scene, the car crash which killed Angela’s sister, Rae was driving and therefore she became a life long target for Angela who stole Rae’s boyfriend, the man she’s hoping to marry when things clear up. The two girls fight over their shared love interest and the accidental death when they discover that Pop Pop had a hazmat suit in the basement, it’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen, Angela knocks Rea out gets in the suit and heads out into the mist to freedom. 

Queue the poetic justice! Angela was a bitch throughout the entire movie and you know her death is going to be epic, I love that it happens at this stage while escaping like a rat, she unfortunately runs into the first girl to try and leave with her baby, it’s always that little bit more distressing when a baby doesn’t make it, but for Angela to get freaked out by the baby and trip over his mother to break her mask and die in abject pain was a graet touch! 

Another great addition is the big finale, the beloved Rea has a spatial moment, where she makes peace with the girl she killed who has no hard feelings, and spurs Rae on to get help. It’s interesting that we go back to that pivotal moment to gain footing in the plot again. So Rae makes a dash for help and the dead girl was right, she was just in time to catch some professionals who are searching for survivors. 

Later in the hospital she meets up with her ex boyfriend and a man from Biocore turns up, it seems the company  have sent a sly smooth talking douchebag to pay off the survivors for their silence, and if you were paying attention he’s the same guy in the advert in the introduction of the movie.. go check.. 

Rae loses her shit and pretty much kills or at least tries to kill the guy, it seems justified but also now she’s going to prison too.. slow clap it seems justified for a woman who just lost all her friends but I find it hard to believe that someone who spent so long keeping her cool would jus lose it in this way. Personally I feel that she should have seen the same advert for Biocore, taken the money then later on gone to biocore, trapped the suits in their lad and released a bunch of chemicals in there and watch them melt. .. a much better ending in my honest opinion.

There’s a bittersweet notion that, if the girls has just chilled out, protected themselves and got along, then they all could have survived the terrible accident. although the poor baby seemed to have been the only person who had no chance 😦 Maybe this is a hint that the children have no chance when our environment is finally destroyed by our disrespect for the envrionment?

There’s a lot to take in with his simply brilliant b movie, I hope you get a chance to see it, hit me up on twitter if you wanna talk about the details.

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