Short Movie Roundup 15 August 2021

So after a couple of weeks of neglect I’m back on board with the blog. The negative and vile feedback from Twitter has been processed and I’m dealing with that and moving on, so here’s a handful of interesting short movies and videos that I found interesting from the week.


Jasper de Bruin’s slow burning thriller follows the night shift of an enigmatic nurse who’s elderly patients are on critical care, and some aren’t expected to make it through the night, however her stalker has reason to believe the passing of the patients might not be that natural and will the overworked nurse be able to make it till dawn? heavy overtones of let the right one in along with an overbearing sense of doom in this chilling horror.


Inner city london set the scene of this compelling paranormal thriller. A young man’s attempts to keep his mother alive leads him into a dark path to the unknown. Conscian Morgan has cast such a darkly emotional movie, offset with domestic violence and loss there’s no place to hide from negative emotions. His characters, bruised, battered, lost and alone still manage to crack a smile in their own personal darkness.

There’s definitely some Ed Gein/ Norman Bates meets REC shit going on here with some perfect real jump scares and a brilliant ending. Morgan is one to watch for sure.

Nightmare of a Night

An uninvited guest makes an untimely stop to visit a couple who are renting a lavish home for their little get away. The fim by Darius Valentine is very much the Rental but without the hour build up and just gets to the point with a brutal showdown. At times it feels like just another home invasion movie with a not-so-bright girl but there’s some credit due for the development of the film and it’s techniques but otherwise it might not be enough to stick in the memory.

Dead Mall

Never trust a stranger to show you a shortcut on a night out. This is the terrible mistake a young girl makes on a fateful night out when she’s purposely locked inside a mall late at night. Usually with these types of horrors there’s an army of demonic mannequins or some monster to battle against but this cool neon lit movie by Olivia West Lloyd brings something more sensual and mind bending to the table.. It’s not a matter of stalking and attacking, there’s an enchanting element which really bolsters the film.

The Thing on the Stairs – Short Horror Film

The advice is to turn the volume up and get creeped out but what will probably happen is the film will be totally too quiet and the jump scares will just burst your eardrums.

While watching TV with her partner (or friend), a woman notices someone crawling up her stairs, while investigating they realise that what might have been a trick of the light, is infact a very real entity which means they harm.

Home brewed horror from Tabonga Productions which could use a bit of work but is a charming little horror designed at freaking out all of your senses.


The Amusement Park – A lost horror masterpiece?

Frame in/Frame out does an amazing job at outlining and diving deep into the missing gem crafted by Horrors hero George A Romero. What was originally thought to be a fabled movie is now showing on Shudder, so to all of those people who always believed then we salute you. Amusement Park was originally commissions to help highlight the plight of the elderly who might find themselves out of sorts in a highly charegs area, however with Romero’s visional lense, he was able to see past the initial fights of what might happen to a confused old man and used the film as a powerful kick back to a society which, he could rightly perceived as taking advantage of the elderly both through lack of care and attention, youthful violence on the streets and a fully loaded red tapped system.. A chilling warning in the guise of an elderly man falling into a twister wonderland, is a striking movie from a matter that we lost too soon.

Top 3 Unidentified life forms living in abandoned buildings

I think there have been times when people have assumed I was a life form living in an abandoned building, yet I didn’t make this awesome creepy list by Mr Ballen.

The Strange Case Of The Worm Lady – Disturbing Tales From Medical History

Shrouded hand highlights an amazingly creepy story about a woman who had a vile worm problem, while there are a number of bugs that can and will live within us, it’s hard to fathom living with such an intrusive condition and just listening to it really makes my skin crawl.. enjoy!

My Friend Josh – A Brand New 2021 Creepypasta you won’t find on reddit r/nosleep… (CW – suicide)

The Doctor is on call and delivering chilling NEW Creepypastas!! The Doctor is well schooled for bringing a sharp scary sting at the end of his frightful stories, did you see this one coming??

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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