A Warning to the Curious (2013)

Director: Ali Djarar
Starring: Danny Webb, John Game, Neal Ward, Monty Burgess. UK. 1h 1m

This Indie ghost sleuthing found footage horror plays out like a version of Most Haunted, with some hints of Grave Encounters (2013) and Devils Familiar (2020) running through, just sadly not the good bits! All the amazing ideas of a mysterious house being a portal to a Lovecraftian void created by a cult, is washed away with too much banter and not enough on screen action. but it’s a tangible tale and I’m sure if you like any Ghost Hunting TV show then you’ll get a kick out of it.

Five ghost hunters wander into a old abandoned house, strange things start to happen.

Starting out with a crude group introduction, the guys meet up and being testing out their new fancy cameras at home,  they play some cards and prep for a trip to a haunted asylum. It’s hard to get a grip on each character as they are quite generic but there’s a driving force between the skeptics and non skeptics.  One guy is more concerned with protection rituals but it is ridiculed by the majority who are in it for the banter and to pratt about, but once all the pranks have been played out and everyone had got bored with the night, they are offered a bonus round, a new haunted venue and this one finally gets the film rolling in the right direction.

How can you go on a ghost hunt without believing in ghosts?”

-some guy in the dark..

After Such a long cold start, the  owner of the first site turns up out of nowhere,  are and informs them about a house that just appeared from nowhere,  a match like him, and 8 people have vanished while investigating it, so they instantly hop in the car and go and visit.. because that’s what normal  clear headed people do. So without any preparation or solid history about the property and after all of the disappointment of their first sight they head into the darkness to start afresh.

Crazy things ensue, there’s a lot of shouting and running around in the dark,  the film display some crazy distortion in the playback and a demented harsh noise electro soundtrack, some of it being quite noteworthy but I couldn’t find much information in the credits. A somewhat chilling story does  arise out of the pitch black darkness but is it not worth the 54 minutes to find out.. well maybe just the once, you might be one of disgruntled viewers who will be asking for their time back. 


Rating: 2/10
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