Home Sweet Home (2012)

Director: John K.D. Graham Starring: Alexandra Boylan, Raquel Cantu, Christopehr Dempset, Lorena Segura York, USA. 1h 19m

While looking like a dishevelled mess, having lost her job, parents and apartment, Gwen has to try and regain some control but the bottom of the bottle keeps finding her. Returning to her childhood home after the death of her parents, she intends to confront her past and find a new direction.

A lone woman battles two psychotic squatters for her home and her life.

Unfortunately two psychotic squatters discover that Gwen is on her own, weak and afraid, they torment her and take over the property intent on leaving no witnesses, a cat and mouse hunt ensures to track down Gwen and silence her. Luckily there’s help on the way and the film turns into a femme fest with ultiamte bravery, tretchery and coming from the fairer of the sexes which is unusual for an American thriller but it’s a welcomed step to show that girls can play as hard as the boys.

I don’t plan on doing a double life sentence, because of a fucking candy wrapper!


Home Sweet Home has a great idea, but it doesn’t play out too well, the acting is laboured, which isn’t a bad thing per say, a good story can often cushion that blow and the psycho couple are pretty awesome a sort of b movie version of Mallory and Mickey Knox, but Gwen, a character we’re supposed to back is just jarring. There’s no surprises how it’s all going to go down, and watching Gwen go through the motions is a bigger laugh than intended, if this is home sweet home than I’d rather be on the road..


Rating: 2/10

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Lists:Psychotic Couples, Home Invasions Vol 1


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