Short Movie Roundup 09 January 2022


The story of creation, of the Garden of Eden and the fiery Hell of revelations are, as old as the hills, and while Jorge Jaramillo has used these themes in his disturbing horror, you can’t deny that he’s given them a new sickly edge in a twisted universe.

To Catch a Mouse

A loving couple get about making an evening meal while the husband sets a trap for a mouse, as they have an infestation, abruptly a man bangs on the door seeking help, he’s had a car accident and needs to use the phone. Unbeknownst to this adorable couple he’s a thief posing as an injured civilian, just trying to get the edge into their home.. however there’s another sinister edge to the film.. another trap has been set and when it all plays out there’s a heavy fetishistic edge and touch of the Audition as the gore and blood begins to flow. A brilliant chilling drama from Canadian director Alex Coleman.

Infinity 7

Brett Williams wrote and directed this visually stunning sci fi misadventure. A lone astronaut pilots a spacecraft named Infinity 7 into a glorious orbit high about the earth but a power shortage and malfunction causes him to be trapped into a never ending orbit and he resigns himself to his terrible fate. A wonderful passion project with a rollercoaster of thrills.


A curious mini film featuring the animated paintings of the early surrealists.

Tsumiki No Ie (House of Small Cubes)

Hauntingly beautiful animation from Japanese creator Kunio Kato. The House of Small Cubes was created in 2008.

Simple and beautiful illustrations map out the history of one man’s life, how he met his wife and raised a daughter that became a family. The film is a series of somber metaphors that many people will read with a personal difference, however I read it as each cube being a chapter and the water is time, how do you see it?


There’s a deeply disturbing ovetone that clouds this short movie, with distressing scenes of suicide, death and ghosts/haunted menories which makes for a stunning haunting movie from the Horroring channel, which in itself is equally strange and odd, and I can’t wait to dive in!

The Statue

Just when you thought it was safe to kick a statue again after the Dr Who fiasko, just imagine dreaming about a statue that foretells the most horrific moments of your loved ones death… Check out this and other shorts on the Dr Gallows channel..

Monochrome Part 1

This chilling movie from MALIXxFILMS, which from what I can tell is a predominately Black channel, displays a really professional and new twist on the creepy clown ready to eat your soul saga Do we need another Art the Clown? Yes… Yes we do and luckily this is only one installment, hopefully there’s more to come. A man notices a strange sound in his home, only to discover his world turned into a monochrome nightmare when a creepy clown appears in his home trying out all sorts of “tricks’ ‘. The ending is a tad predictable BUT there’s more to come and I honestly think this team will hit harder in the next installment. Also see if you can see the Goddess Bunny!

Last and Not Least..


Tim Egan’s insane fear-inducing short really had my stomach churning and head spinning. A woman wakes up on a ledge, above her a stormy sky and below her a pitch blackness as she rests on a sloping curve looking into the abyss… how did she get there, how does she get out??

It’s such a cold and harsh stone environment, her bloodied hands and the creepy noises are ince by distressing. If you can wear headphones with his one.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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