Brothers In Arms / Semper Fi (2019)

Director: Henry Alex Rubin
Starring:Jai Courtney, Nat Wolff, Finn Wittrock, Arturo Castro, Beau Knapp .USA. 1h 39m

It’s hard not to feel a little bit conflicted with the ending of Brothers In Arms AKA Semper Fi. The film successfully builds up a golden camaraderie between a pair of brothers Callahan (Courtney) and Oyster (Wolff) who, along with their Marine Corp Reserve Brothers, they manages to pull off the impossible and with the best intentions but in the big scheme of righter and wronger, was it really justified?

Picking up where Deer Hunter (1978) left off, Rubin’s sentimental, deep drama digs deep into what brotherhood is really about. Not only goed Courtnet and Wolff manage to come across as rather genuine brothers, fighting over silly things and getting each other emotionally wound up but being best buds all the time, their family is extended with a group of guys who they often team up while fighting abroad. Their get-togethers back home usually involve bowling but one fateful night Oyster is left to his own devices and a tragedy occurs.

Honor Your Brother

Oyster finds himself slammed up with a murder charge and is systematically abused by the guards in the prison with no way out he slowly closes off from his brother/s and is determined to do his time like a man, however the guys band together and intended on breaking him out of prison.

It seems to be the right thing to do and it’s easy to get behind the guys who attempt to pull off the job of a lifetime, but would it be more honorable to tackle corruption? Na lets just go with breaking the law it’s much easier!

What do you know about running a business

Lots, there’s this book called The Seven Habits of Highlight Successful People an it teachers all the secrets of success

Oh Yeah and what are they?

I haven’t read the book yet.

It’s certainly something wonderful to see, it’s difficult and wonderful in all the right ways. Wrestling with the morals will certainly spark up a conversation or two with the family and its these challenges which make us human and give us character. and this movie highlights the deepest characters, illuminates the issues of wounded servicemen and shows us the ultimate sacrifice, what more can you ask for?

Rating: 4/10


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