Hounds of Love (2016)

Director: Ben Young Starring: Emma Booth, Ashleigh Cummings, Strephen Curry, Susie Porter. Australia. 1h 48m

This brutal film hits like a punch in the gut, it’s a slow drama but it gains power each step of the way. Youngs has a mixed bag of movies behind him and went onto to the sci fi thriller Extinction which was a side step in an odd direction, he needs to get back to the hard hitting drama as it’s something i’d does best.

Have you seen this girl?

When Vicki (Mahoney) ignores her mothers advice and skips out during the night to party, she makes a much bigger mistake than just ignoring her parents advice. She runs into Evelyn (Booth) and John (Curry) a couple who offers her a ride and a cheap baggie

It starts as a tight drama and someone still manages to turn the screw and gets deeper down the rabbit hole. One that no one would want to find themselves in, the household has a flavour of Fred and Rose West downunder, There home is basic but not too shabby, John is a weasely man who uses his violence towards women as a toy, his lover, Evelyn is both deadly afraid and somehow deeply in love with him, willing to help him kidnap young pretty girls for him to systematically rape and kil, despite his lust for the girls being a massive wedge in their fragile relationship.

Vicky picks up on this and attempts to use this wedge to smash the pair apart but with a couple who slay together they usually stay together so will this plan work or be her downfall. WHile Vicki spends most of her time strapped to a bed it’s only through brief encounters do we learn much about her but Mahoney uses this before episodes to really hammer home how scared the young lass is, but if vicki was ever going to woman up she’ll need to be clever and pick her time well.

“That’s why she’s here.. Let’s make the most of her. Together. Like we always do…”

– John

Difficult to watch at times but also impossible to ignore. The only let down is the impossibly slow ending, let me know if you’ve managed to watch it without fast forwarding.

Rating: 7/10

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Lists: Killer Couples, Australian Cinema A-Z


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