D Railed (2018)

Director: Dale Fabrigar Starring:Lance Henriksen, Dwyane Standridge, Frank Lammers, Giovannie Espiritu, Catherine Healy. USA. 1h 20m

What starts out as a lavish murder mystery on a train, soon turns into a bizarre nonsensical run through the forest from a devious gruesome monster, or something like that.

Initially it looks like a Poirot’s Muder on the Orient Express, with everyone dressed up in 20’s dinner gear and looking absolutely stunning, but once the train in motion all sense is left at the station. the host is promptly murdered, leaving the guests wondering if this is part of the show or not, but then they are robbed by some of the actors, and then they are being chased by a ghoulish monster who starts picking them off one by one…

“Stay inside and die, go outside and fight for your life”

Every choice is a bad one, leading to more and more greusom murders that are often carried out in the near pitch black, but if you make it to the end then you’ll be able to catch Lance Henrikson’s cameo which I suppose is some kind of pay off as he ushers in a ghostly ending to a terrible tale..

“Oh my God he’s actually dead!”

If there was a decision for this to be a ghost story, slasher or creature feature then it could have really been something. There are some amazing train anthologies too, if you really wanted to film a host of stories, then break it up or blend more coherently. D Railed might be the right name for this trainwreck!

Rating: 2/10

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