Short Movie Roundup 23 January 2022

Short Movie Roundup 23 January 2022

The Ghost

Everything about Sueng-Hyeun Lim’s creepy short is aimed to really scare the audience. A young mortuary cosmetologist, Mi-young, who makes a few extra bucks by pulling gold teeth and robbing corpses, but when an unidentified body is brought in, he really starts paying out when Mi-young finds a diamond in his butt, after rifling around in his sphincter she ends up with a bag of diamonds, before she can celebrate it seems the dead want their belongings back. Sueng-Hyeun Lim seems to be influenced by the comedic side of Miike as he conjures a ghostly story that feels like a chapter of The Autopsy of Jane Doe.


This incredibly disturbing little movie is incredibly gut wrenching, but very addictive. I’ve not seen anything this violent on YouTube for a while, and some of that violence is directed towards a child in some scenes. But if the graphic side of horror isn’t your thing, there’s still something deep and cerebral to indulge. With outstanding effects and a chilling undercurrent the movie transverses through odd and creepy into bloodthirsty rage, this really would make a great full length feature, one that would rival Mama .


Everything is going wrong in the life of this middle aged woman, her marriage in tatters and life spiraling out of control, she thinks she’s found a miracle cure when a facelift system magically appears on her doorstep, the device has a set of strict rules, rules are meant to be broken? The mechanics of Facelift work along the lines of curious horror such as The Box but with a touch sliey body horror which makes it more “fun”. A really easy to get into piece from Virat Pal.


Felipe Vargas’s sickly dark fairytale horror rings a lot of character similar to the best works of Guillermo del Toro, a young hopeful boy lives in a orphanage, each day he and the fellow children spruce up in hope that they might one day get picked next to have a family once again. The boy has a dark secret, he discovers a real tooth fairy that offers more than a few coins for a tasty tooth, Once word gets around the boys are all soon smacking eachothers teeth out to make offerings to this arcane creature.


Ana Croce and Leonardo Roque, 1 minute horror will make you not want to keep on scrolling after bedtime.

The Trunk

Everyone loves a bargain but you have to be careful with the items you pick up in the flea market, sometimes discarded items are best left that way. A woman finds a charming trunk and makes it part of her home by clearing out the old items, unfortunately the trunk doesn’t like to empty.. This creepy body horror is by Social House Films and I love their channel, check out their really amazing short film series.

The House of Mary Gray

A slightly more lengthy short from Moonlark Media featuring a robust paranormal horror. An energetic man, Kyle Niche is determined to find his friend who has been missing in a wooded area, when a young woman claims to have escaped the paranormal entity that lurks in the forest he takes along his small team to investigate the area but have they been coaxed into an elaborate trap?

Sterling effort here, there’s a lot of character with the camera work, some great effects that are used with limits and a nurtured story. Definitely worth taking time to watch.

Monochrome Part II

Part two of a movie reviewed last week, it’s best to check out part one to really get the sentiment of this short movie showing the aftershocks of the first deadly encounter with a strange monochrome individual. It seems that there might be more but only if you can help with the gofundme for the project so if you like this then dig deep!

The Shift

Johan Samuelsson’s short animated movie rings in time with a lot of the shorts that made up the Animatrix. Many years after a tech company has lost control over it’s AI robots, they are not kidnapping and monitoring newborns to learn creativity.. a deeply foreboding concept but executed so very masterfully.

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