Short Movie Roundup 30 January 2022

The House Abandon

This movie brought back a lot of nostalgia for me, a young boy is playing one of those retro option games on his computer, the computer flashes up a situation “you see an old creepy house” the boy types “I enter the home”.. If you’re as old as me you’ll want to plug in your commodore 64 and wait 3 hours for it to load a game. Unfortunately in this vaporwave tech bedroom his choices seem to have a bearing on his own real home and his safety is in question when someone enters his home. It’s an ingenious blend of reality and game clashing together, something that outdoes all of Tron, from pionering director Clint D’Souza.


Directed by Glen Matthews this short horror is based on a maternity ward. An anti-social janitor works the night shift and there’s a particular baby, Bethany who’s having some teething problems, but that’s the least of everyones problems on this fateful night. When John notices a particularly nasty creature (Josh Cruddas) has made a meal of the ward nurse and attacked the baby, his bravery leaves him but while he doesn’t fight for the baby he does have a unique way to rescue the new creature she has become. A challenging and delightful horror


Usually the most stressful part of being pulled over is the fact that you’re potentially getting charged (or shot if your African American…. but that’s another story) instead when a young couple is pulled over and charged, they end up having to fight for their lives when the “officer” who’s arrested them shows his true colors as a severely unhinged individual. A run all night styled thriller with lots of violence and gore from Nicholas Kramer.

Self Assembly

Bereaved parents order a new son from a toxic advert on the TV, the self assembly box is a monstrous blobfish screaming baby who had murderous intentions. Ray Sullivan’s surreal is a cross between Lynch’s Eraserhead and the iconic world, Autodale creatured by the fantastic artist James Armsby. There’s a serious unsettling feeling throughout the terrifying story that’s a strange analogy to a possible reality for some people.. just mull that over.

Human Form

A microscopic insight into the world of plastic surgery and young girls’ expectations of beauty are the core of this unsettling drama from all round director, writer, editor and composer Doyeon Noh. When Inhyung begins to draw unusual faces as a child she’s set on a path to achieve her own sense of beauty, her aspirations force her to take extreme measures when she realizes she can’t afford the surgery..


A challenging Dutch short from award winning Jan Verdijk’s Site. A city family heads to the country to chill out but the patriarch starts to experience a strange urge to eat his meat pretty raw. The family get stared at by the locals while the ramble but it soon becomes apparent what’s behind the curious eyes of the locals and the film ends with the ultimate shocking scene as the credits roll.. The atmosphere feels like a Rusty Lake game and this is easily the most wonderful folk horrorish styled horror from a very fertile director.


I believe this film was created by agent Kris Cummins, it features a couple of ‘lads” who spend their lunch break catcalling women, one in particular gives him a stare, a beautiful girl in a bright red coat… but the tactic doesn’t pull any “birds”. Later that night the girl in red reappears and all hell breaks loose. A lot is sign posted but it’s admirable to have the blend of Red Riding Hood and Wolf characters in a short movie.


Hopefully Dean Butler is going to make a series from this set up, a widower with a supernatural ability helps a local detective save her daughter from a strange foe, one who employs dark forces. The combination of Se7en vs Conjuring works well, but the film is bold and doesn’t rely on the effects to make the story gripping, which is very noble.

Dinner for One

Micro short movie from Brad Jacques features a loving meal prepared with menace.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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