Short Movie Roundup 06 February 2022


Advertised as a British Gang Film.. In appearance it looks like it’s going to be closer to The Fence is style, based around 1986 a group of pseudo footie thugs adopt a new member into their gang who becomes Acid, a young fighter but like them an all round okay boy, who just likes to have fun and fight, but his bloody induction into the gang only causes friction within its members.

Despite the name it’s less like Trainspotting and more like Awaydays. Sadly the acting is a bit off, the lines aren’t delivered too well but with a bit of TLC it could become a bigger and more vibrant part of a longer story. I can see Danny Dyer popping up as one of the gang members if this was ever given a cinema release lol.. Oh dear. The work from The Three Lancers will improve with age, I’m sure.

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