Short Movie Roundup 06 February 2022


Advertised as a British Gang Film.. In appearance it looks like it’s going to be closer to The Fence is style, based around 1986 a group of pseudo footie thugs adopt a new member into their gang who becomes Acid, a young fighter but like them an all round okay boy, who just likes to have fun and fight, but his bloody induction into the gang only causes friction within its members.

Despite the name it’s less like Trainspotting and more like Awaydays. Sadly the acting is a bit off, the lines aren’t delivered too well but with a bit of TLC it could become a bigger and more vibrant part of a longer story. I can see Danny Dyer popping up as one of the gang members if this was ever given a cinema release lol.. Oh dear. The work from The Three Lancers will improve with age, I’m sure.

Good Business

From the director of, Self Assembly Ray Sullivan, his desire to make short films with lots of effects goes in a different direction with this sci-fi special that feels like an episode of Starship Troopers. A handful of mercinaries are on a distant planet selling weapons to one species of crustaceon like aliens, but everyones morals are in question as one species gets fucked over. It’s a mini masterpiece which could probably open up bigger doors but probably due to it being so close to the Troopers series it might not be so happily welcomed?


A haunting sale of damnation and everlasting redemption. This pious story follows a man who made a pact with dark forces and is destined to live out a personal hell due to his terrible choices. The narrative is a little wishy washy but the powerful imagery and deep atmospherics transcends any language barriers. Octavi Espuga has kidnapped some of the greatness from Name of the Rose to help build this everlasting underworld.


For a lot of reasons I struggled with this movie, not because it’s below par, in fact it’s outstanding but with a personal loss of a friend who was a twin and alurophobia there’s a lot which troubled me with this film, on top of those factors, Matt Sears unrelenting talent for building up tension and fear made me pause the film a few times, and eventually I had to wait until morning to continue. Tabitha follows a mourning twin who is dealing with a strange presence in her sister’s home after her death, fear of opening the autopsy report and the sister’s mischievous cat are key elements in the grieving process, if she can survive the night.

His earlier films deal with unknowing fears and horrors that are easily described as anti cosmic but this down to earth haunting with creepy twists is a huge step forwards and shows more of his unbridled talents as a director who can capture the audience and really hold them with fear.


A vaporwave nightmare is the overarching atmosphere to Nathan Bunkers short film, a husband attempts to keep his wife safe while she performs strange maneuvers while sleepwalking, one night she eventually leaves the house and he being to learn that it’s not simply sleep walking but an otherworldly form of mind control.

There’s a variance to the color scheme once the “sleep” world takes over, and it really could have gone fully Cosmatos but there’s a newage horror feel to it, something between Mandy and Censor. but also it’s hard not to see a touch of early Michael Mann in this budding director.


A charming sci fi mind bending animation from Turkish director Gokalp Gonen. follows an old man who’s on board a ship with an authoritative robot who is insistent on finding the perfect planet for the man to live out his final days after being rescued from Earth. Their relationship breaks down as the elderly man strives to leave the spaceship for any planet, but the robot insists that it has to be absolutely perfect. Slowly many revelations are made and each one will send a chilling vibe down anyone’s spine. Definitely something that would fit into the Animatrix series. There’s a slight feeling of the 1984 Soviet animated film Budet Laskovyy Dozhd.

La Vieja / The Oldster

This movie from Rush Smith is based on his book The Boy that forgot how to sleep / El niño que se olvidó de dormir. A truly creepy tale when a young boy discovers his Oldster, and what they are willing to do to little boys who think they can do what they want when they want..

I dunno about little kids and how tough they are today, but if I had one of these in my en suite I’d fucking behave like an angel. I do love the design of the witch-esque character, she’s something I’d expect to see in an episode of the Worst Witch.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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