Spotlight : Willem Dafoe Vol. 1

The craggy faced gentle soul that is Willem Dafoe has graced our screens for decades. Usually playing a passive loveable character he is able to be an impressive creepy bad guy, either way he never fails to entertain. Please note that this list isn’t in an order of best to worse it’s just numbered for clarity.

06.The Hunter (2011)

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A balanced drama with an unwitting slice of fantasy science fiction. Willem stars as a hunter with a conscience that gets placed with the ultimate eco warrior family while he’s tasked to find the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Bittersweet and warming, the film uncovers lots of dark secrets and see’s Martin (Dafoe) pushed to his limits both physically and mentally. His character is subtle; especially compared with the lippy Sass (Morgana Davies) who he has to partly care for with her Silent brother played by Dinn Woodlock. Sam Neill makes a shady appearance and the darkest character of them all is played by the stern Callan Mulvey as a rival hunter. Willem outshines them all in the simplest of ways. He really is a gem in this outstanding film. 9/10

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