In Search of Balance (2016)

Director: Adam Pfleghaar
Starring:Various USA. 1h 14m

This detailed insight into how we fit into the bigger scheme of things as one element of planet earth, starts as an engaging documentary that slowly unravels into strange conspiracy theories and outlandish ideas which seem to sell a bitter snake oil.

Film-maker Adam Pfleghaar has devised a collage of interviews and compiled meticulous research , and constructed an audio-visual meditation on the themes of how we, as a species are only a tiny cog in a giant wheel, seeing the bigger picture is alluring and understanding how far detached we are from nature if eye opening but the end result of In Search For Balance had me scratching my head working out how these guys cured diabetes but The method and technique doesn’t seem something marketable for the rest of the public

An exploration of a new paradigm of health, science, and medicine, based on the interconnections between us and nature.

For the most part the result is quite engaging the film is bursting with ideas some of them juxtaposed to each other slightly conflicting but it gives a massive range of scope for the viewer to put themselves in a smaller seat to see the bigger picture. saying is correct and finally it’s not until the second half that the film really starts to push it politics which seems to undo everything the first half did which was to open up those doors and to push the envelope everything then comes crashing down on itself as it begins to tell you what to do rather than inform you of the ideas of what’s going on.

Periodically, Pfleghaar Shows placed mysterious images of cobwebs and molecules , interchange with pictures of nature be it plant or insect life just to take you back to the fact that we live on a beautiful planet and we are a part of it and we need to remind ourselves that we are only a part of it we need to knock away or notions that we’re top of the food chain or top of any chain and to take our respectful place among the mix of life chemicals minerals and everything else that’s out there as an equal part

Rating: 3/10

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