The Aplines (2021)

Director: Dante Aubain
Starring: Mally Corrigan, Aaron Latta-Morris .UK. 1h 33m

Meeting up with old friends brings back memories of the good ole days, a chance to catch up and congratulate each other and relive old times, and the perfect setting for a rose tinted reunion is a far away cabin in the wilderness , with no distractions and no neighbors to distract or keep a watchful eye. The only problem, having not seen your old school friends for some time there’s no guarantee that everyone still has all their own marbles. Will this weekend in the Alpines be a few beers and burgers or a weekend of psychological meltdowns and digging up buried true feelings?

Cabin films are getting quite popular again, and they usually never fail to thrill in some way, even those which have no budget or are done badly, the thrill of a reclusive getaway hold a lot of potential, and a lot of that potential was met in Aubain’s psychological thriller, a movie often underrated as a horror but in all fairness it’s just a mystery and in that respect it’s ok, calm down mutant fam!

Starting out in the psychologist chair, the movie begins with Zach (Aaron Latta-Morissette) he’s being assessed, he’s on the mend but cuts his appointment short as he has a weekend getaway with a group of friends who have drifted apart over years but intend to reunite those bonds once again.

Inevitably the days turn from joyful nostalgia into acute paranoia as the strained friendships turn into bitter rivalry and all the dirty truths and lies between the friends does more damage in destroying friendships for good, and then things get bloody!

Alpines remain quite psychological, and by it’s design there’s no one main protagonist, the camera jogs around various fights and romantic encounters, and for a small group of friends there’s a lot of love and hate flowing between them. Between the teen inspired drama we often see clips of Zach catching his reflection with blood on his hands, but how does his psychological background read into the film when we can clearly see everyone is doing their own bullshit!?!?

Often mismade as a Horror, the reality of Alpins is that is’a tiny fisted thriller, one which wants to draw it’s audience into the relationship entanglement to try and steer them away from the less than explosive twisted ending. In the 13 days of filming and with all the limitations of an indie film without a huge budget, a lot was achieved but the boundaries weren’t necessarily pushed but it’s watchable…

Secrets, secrets, are no fun.

As the film beings to build momentum and really begins to punch back and anyone who was a naysayer, it then totally gives up the fight with a terrible ending, that if read wrong is a total downer but luckily it’s pretty open ad it all depends on just how devious your mind is to read the darker meaning into the film.

Rating: 3/10

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