Short Movie Roundup 27 February 2022


A man suffering from depression finds some solace with a strange lump emerging from his side. There’s a strange warmth in this short Finish stop motion film that rings bells with an equally bizarre cult classic, How to get ahead in Advertising or that episode of Family Guy with chips but with a much more rewarding ending. A worthy project by Elli Vuorinen, Pinja Partanen, Jasmiini Ottelin.


An unsettling movie from Tracy Kleeman who’s softly designed movie follows a hotel housekeeper who, week by week learns about her guests from the items they leave behind. But after catching some feelings for one of the guests her obsession leads to a few weeks of peculiar events.

There’s a genuine build up of tension and the paranoia and psychopathy rages through the pretty housekeeper, but the ending seems to only be the beginning of a new chapter. There’s some interesting and varied camera work which suits the soft textured cinematography luls the audience into thinking this is anything other than dangerous.

The Follower

When Sophie is faced with one of her followers at one of her most vulnerable moments, she has to quickly decide if she’s going to shy away or come to terms with the risque photos she’s beans putting out there and if this really does reflect her true persona.

Style is everything about this short movie from Stevie Szerlip, there’s a stark retro feel to it, the exposure, grainy textures and synth soundtrack all lead to a film which could easily have been headed by up Christian Slater and Drew Barrymore back in 1988. It’s beautiful to watch.

Blood Orange

Directed by MP Mills, Blood Orange has that old time sentimental voice over to a crippling dangerous story. When a blind man’s guide dog vanishes and he’s visited by an old (sadistic) friend. He does what he knows best, he makes some Blood Orange juice (recipe included in the final scenes of the movie). Being so vulnerable, especially without his pooch, he attempts to raise the alarm but isn’t taken seriously. It’s a deep dive down a really disturbing rabbit hole and will really mess up any animal lovers but there’s a refreshing ending which is on par with Perfume. A really challenging and thought provoking movie.

We Die Alone

The lives of 3 people struggling to understand love, collide with devastating consequences. One man is crippled by the fear of rejection and often cancels on dates, his workmate just sees a cycle of singleness and his lately crush physically rejects anyone who attempts to get close to her. The unfortunate events of them meeting in the way they do is one for the books Strange, comical and highly disturbing. It’s a winning combination and the only drawback is that it takes so long to get started.

An outstanding combination of heartbreak, love, loneliness and obsession from Marc Cartwright.

The Host

Bäppel Entertainment return after their short film Whisper and with a similar crew offer a few jump scares on gaming night. The German foursome are enjoying a bit of gaming when they get a little dry but when Klaus doesn’t return with the beers the remaining friends are in for a fright.

Listed in the bio are all of the cameras used and yet I was blown away by the effects they managed to pull off, with lots of drops, and action shots, you can’t not get a feeling that something will jump out at every corner. enhanced with some powerful sound effects, it really doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with the subtitles you’ll be very aware of what’s going on as your eyes are drawn to every creepy effect.


Pint sized horror that uses the bizarre Momo phenomenon to mess with its audience’s mind. There’s A lot of traditional techniques at play with sound and quick paced camera work but the actual creature design is a bit naff but the effects of her Audition style singing while she’s mainming is very unsettling. every step forwards equals one factor that isn’t up to scratch but it’s worth a watch.


I’m sure I have written something about this film before, it has two of my favorite things in it, werewolves and a bag of chips! Yep, that’s the key factor to this creepy film. Directed by Byron / JC Films and boosted with a soundtrack from White Bat Audio. There’s a real sense of retro danger in the night in this slow burner about a man who, after chilling with his homies and eating a bag of chips that should have been recalled, has a strange moment in the light of the full moon. With hints of American Werewolf in London and The Stuff, don’t miss this one.

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