The Pyramid (2014)

Director: Gregory Levasseur
Starring: Denis O’Hare, Ashley Hinshaw, Alexandre Aja, James Buckley. USA. 1h 29m

Not quite found footage, but using a lot of the first person perspective shots, the Pyramid attempts to break the story of the century when a team of experts dig up the most uncanny find in a very unusual hidden pyramid.

With a high strung story and worrying cast the movie keeps losing grasp of its own concept. Long are the forgotten days of explorers opening up NEW pyramids, they have all been raided and documented but in Levasseur’s dusty thriller a group finds a longer Lobster pyramid and begins to investigate its potential treaties.

You Only Enter Once

With a conflict going on in the main city, this eager research team are eager to get underground and check out their find, but with only 2 hours to invest before they are air lifted to safety, so they send down a probe, which they break and use the excuse of retrieving it to have a sneaky look around.. If only they had just gone home…. But then we wouldn’t have a movie.

They ended up imprisoning their own God!


Originally there was a toxic gas in the tomb which kills the first person to wander inside, so the crew wear masks, but pretty soon they abandon them as it’s not great cinema and there are many other plot holes to navigate. The team wander around in the dark for a while as they slowly discover that they are not alone, and there’s a lot going on in this evil darkened labyrinth of tombs and narrow corridors, but they are filled with evil little kitties and a much bigger dog playing games in this neighbourhood.

Apart from a few jump scares there’s not a lot to really get into to make any audience want to stay for the big showdown and creature reveal at the end, if you do stay it’s worth finding out what’s going on but it won’t floor anyone. The lead is possibly the least loved Final Girl of them all, without an ounce of strength and inability to climb ladders everyone else including the many cats inside the pyramid can easily run circles around her.

Sadly this was never going to be a fan favourite, there’s just too many plot holes and a overarching feeling of ameture night, and this comes as a shock as director, Levasseur can write a compelling story, Haute Tension is easily one of his greatest, but he seems reserved to stick with remakes, those including Hill Have Eyes , Mirrors and Maniac.

Rating: 3/10

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